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Faiman, Charles

The Charles Faiman file contains the following material:

  1. CV (c1991) (31pp)
  2. Different responses in boys, girls studied Wpg Trib 27 May 1977 (2pp)
  3. "Wins master designation from the American College of Endocrinology" [Cleveland Clinic] Connections 21 #2 2002. with picture of his sons Gregg and Matthew (both MD Man) (1p)
  4. Appt as Head Section of Endocrinology/Metabolism; Bull v12(4) 5 Oct 1977 (1p)

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Fairburn, Logan Miller

The Logan Miller Fairburn file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: Calgary Herald; funeral card, February 1972; CMAJ v106(11) 10 June 1972 (2pp)
  2. 5x7 student card (1p)
  3. Copies of entries from Manitoba Medical College Students’ Register 1900-1920 (5pp)
  4. Laser prints of pictures 2.0 #131 & MPC #131 & several others all in Archives & published in UMMJ 47(1) (3pp)
  5. Outline of criteria for Dept. Bronze & Dept Cert. awards. (LMF Yr II Dept Cert in Anatomy, 1924; Yr III Dept Cert in Biochemistry, 1925; & Isbister Scholarship, 1926 (2pp)
  6. A Tale is Told , Estevan 1890-1980 - brief biographies (9pp)
  7. Corres B Fairburn & S Bethune re LMF (8pp)

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Ferguson, Colin Campbell

The Colin Campbell Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: WFP c.Mar 1991; Man Med 61(3) 1991; Health Sciences Centre HSC Chronicle 4:7 May 1991; Order of Service
  2. Previous catalogue sheet and copy from faculty card file
  3. “Dr. Colin C. Ferguson” by H Medovy UMMJ 56: 60-61 1986
  4. CV and Academic Staff Record Verification Report
  5. CCF first full time professor & head of Dept of Surgery Can Doctor 5(5):80-81, May 1985
  6. Retirement: Can J Cardiol 2:v, Jan/Feb 1986; UMMJ 56(2) 1986. Incl 11 letters congratulating CCF on his retirement; 2 letters of resignation from CCF.
  7. Ferguson Fellowship Established, Children’s Hosp of Wpg Research Fdn Newsletter 14(1):6,1986
  8. Professor Emeritus.Bull 22(19):9, May 31, 1988. Incl corres & CV,
  9. Dr Colin Campbell Ferguson from Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada: 1820-1970 1988
  10. Four appear in ‘Top 50’ list UM Alumni J 46(1):12, Autumn 1985
  11. Biographical sketch from The Circle of Zeta Psi
  12. Four newspaper clippings: Surgeon gives clues to evaluating chronic abdominal pain (Pediatric Herald); Intestinal surgery for child is meant to work 70 years (no source); New U surgical lab will spur Research; at International Guest Reception at Conrad Hilton
  13. Surgeons of Manitoba - a review of CCF’s book by H Norrie
  14. Picture of open heart surgery with CCF and L Whytehead CH News c1960
  15. 4 news clippings: Cornwallis swimmers even score; Torpedo school wins navy swimming meet; Hugh & Colin top pool aces; Meet won by Cornwallis
  16. Marks reports from Ravenscourt and the University of Manitoba (15 pages)
  17. 6 letters of reference (HP Armes, PHT Thorlakson, PHA Wykes, LG Bell, S Smith, AT Mathers)
  18. 5 Naval flimsies
  19. Clipping of picture and biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery
  20. Inaugural address as Honorary Pres of MMSA “The rewards of Medicine” 1958
  21. Two reports by CCF: “summary of a visit . . . as James IVth surgical traveller” & “general considerations re a sabbatical; leave in Europe”
  22. Staff record - restricted access

    MPC 1.0 #092A-L

    See also:
    Certificates in cupboard - list in folder #3
    Folder 2
  23. List of surgical operations performed 1 July 1952 - 30 June 1953: dept numbers in general plus  CCF’s in detail
  24. List of certificates and awards prepared by CCF plus 3 photocopies
  25. Pediatric Surgery in Europe by CCF (typescript copy)
  26. Disasters by CCF (typescript copy)
  27. Letters of resignation as Head of Surgery Dept 1969 plus 24 letters from colleagues and friends
  28. Miscellaneous corres. Incl appointments, resignations, & other recruitment opportunities (44 letters)
    Folder 3
  29. Affiliate Fellow American Academy Pediatrics 1952
  30. Membership in Canadian Cardiovascular Society 1970
  31. Charter member of the Pediatric Surgical Association 1970
  32. Pan Am Games certificate of appreciation 1967
  33. Surgical Fellow American Academy Pediatrics 1952
  34. CPS (Man) Registration 1953
  35. Award of title "Honorary Anesthesiologist Dept Anesthesia
  36. Certificate as 14th James IV Surgical Traveler 1964
  37. Fellow of the American College of Surgeons 1954
  38. Intern Soc Heart Res distinguished achievement award 1986 - metal plaque
  39. Appreciation of contribution to Faculty of Medicine 1953-85 (wood plaque)
  40. Canadian Red Cross(Manitoba) Presidency 1977-79 - silver Plaque
  41. U of M certificate for 25 years service. 1979
  42. Appt as Teaching Fellow in Surgery at Harvard 1952
  43. Children's Hosp Boston - Surgery Resident, Research Fellow, Sr Resident
  44. Am Coll Surg appreciation for exhibit at its Scientific Exhibition 1957
  45. American Board of Surgery specialty certificate 1953
  46. List of certificates and documents held with location noted (see Archives cupboard for large ones)

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Ferguson, Marion Huycke

The Marion Huycke Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP cJune 1991; In memoriam Man Med v61:129 1991; Memorial booklet; write up of commemoration Man Med 62:38 1992; Order of Service (6pp)
  2. CV 1986; (2pp)
  3. Copy of faculty card; (1p)
  4. Notice of appointment in Dept of Med Research annual report for 1956; (1p)
  5. Biographical note written by MHF; (2pp)WFP 15 Feb 1958; (1p)
  6. "Dr Marion Ferguson - a salute" UMMJ 56:1, 1986; (1p)
  7. Scientific Society: picture from UMan Brown & Gold v4, 1923 (also picture of CH ’Donaghue); (1p)
  8. Letter from MHF to J Doupe re her sojourn in Edinburgh. Also mention Dr SC Frazer 18 June 1957; (1p)
  9. "Acclimatization to Cold" CBC broadcast for 7 Mar 1957. Kay Russenholt. Typed copy about MHF’s work; (5pp)
  10. 2 publications lists; incl 2 pubs.:
    • The Use of Inulin Clearance as a Measure of Glomerular Filtration: MHF et al; Quarterly J of Experimental Physiology & Cognate Med Sciences v35(4) 1950;
    • The Determination of the Renal Clearance of Inulin in Man Quart J. Exper. Phys & Cognate Med Sci v35(2) 1949; (4pp+2 bound papers)
  11. Staff record: access restricted (22pp)
    See also:
    George G. Ferguson, her brother

    MPC 1.0 #94 A-D; MPC 2.0 #15; MPC 2.0 #48;
    MPC 2.0 #114; MPC 4.3 #72

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Ferguson, Robert George

The Robert George Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ v90 18 Apr 1964; v90 9 May 1964; UM Alumni J 1964 p14; MMR 44:239 1964; Lives Lived G&M 1 Aug 2003 (re son), Lives Lived G&M 19 July 2005 (re daughter); G&M 26 Nov 2006 and Lung Assn (son) (10pp)
  2. The Valley Echo v29(9) Sept 1948. Issue devoted to RGF’s career and retirement. It was "published monthly by patients and staff of the Sanatoria operated by the Sask Anti-Tuberculosis League, being their voluntary contribution to the campaign aganist tuberculosis" (132pp booklet)
  3. Dr "RG Ferguson, Manitoba 1916" The country doctors by Henri Chatenay, Mattrix Press 1980 (10pp)
  4. Entry from Univ Sask Archives website re honorary degree from Univ Sask, 1946 (1p)
  5. Publications list: "Changes in the Epidemiological Conception of Tuberculosis" (1p+7pp reprint)
  6. "Tuberculosis and Dr. R.G.Ferguson" & "The war on tuberculosis: Saskatchewan physician leadership" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (3pp)
  7. RGF on the treatment of children with TB CMAJ v9(49) September 1919 (1p)
  8. People Profile of RGF from CDC Team, Sask Lung Assn, produced under contract to Canada’s Digital Collection Program, Industry Canada (2pp)
  9. Tuberculosis Control by GD Barnett - article found in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan on its website 2008 (2pp)
    See also:
    21.9 G Fahrni file Folder 3 Item 9 p.9 recollections

    MPC 1.0 #75

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Findlay, Elizabeth

The Elizabeth Findlay (Anderson) file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ v54:82, Jan 1946 (EFA) (1p)
  2. Copy of student cards (1p)
  3. Copy of "Jubilee Calendar" WGH 1923 page with picture and note about Elizabeth (2pp)
  4. Notice in Man Med Assn: EF was home on furlough from India (1p)
    See also:
    Marguerite Jefferson file for time in India

Ginsberg, Bernard Joseph

The Bernard (Bere) Joseph Ginsberg file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: Wpg paper cMar 1962; MMR 42:241, 1962 (2pp)
  2. Previous catalogue sheet as Manitoba Author (1p)
  3. Biographical sketch from The Early Jewish Physicians in Manitoba UMMJ 44:18, 1974 (1p)
  4. City man’s new novel acclaimed WFP 1 Oct 1960 (1p)
  5. Cards from Manitoba Authors’ display (2 cards)
  6. "Family Medicine" On Manitoba Aug 2010 (1p)
  7. Reunion a celebratio of heritage WFP 2 Aug 2003 (1p)
    See also:
    • Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

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Grant, John Charles Boileau

  1. Obits.: Can Federation News v16:31-32, Jan 1974; Anat Record 180(1):176-178, nd; CMAJ v109 17 Nov 1973:1028-1029; Can J Surg v31(3) May 1988; Can Encyclopedia ; "Last of the Topical Anatomists" by CG Roland (11pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. Cards from Manitoba Authors display (3 cards)
  5. Biographical outline sheet prepared for 1958 convocation, 2 copies (2pp)
  6. Presentation to Dr JCB Grant (on his leaving Manitoba) MMB 113:27 1930 (1p)
  7. Corres between JCBG and the medical library 1930-1935 re missing journals when he left for Toronto (6pp)
  8. Corres between CLN Robinson & AM Kerr 1988-1989 re information for his biography of JCBG. mentions RT McGibbon & A Gibson, incl wedding announcement Wpg Tribune 6 July 1922. (17pp)
  9. Honorary degree material: Presentation speech by LG Bell; Manitoban 15 Oct 1958; WFP 11 & 15 Oct, 11 Nov 1958; Tribune 6 Oct 1958 (8pp)
  10. "Anatomist lauds new microscope" Wpg Trib 10 Oct 1958 (1p)
  11. "Our Honorary Editor" biog material (1p) Camsi Journal Apr 1959:7, 2 copies (1p)
  12. Appt as Head, Dept of Anatomy Man Free Press 4 Oct 1919 (1p)
  13. Biographical articles: (9pp) See also: Item 0. above
    • "Dr. J.C.B. Grant" by Adam Little UMMJ v10:12-13 Nov 1938 (pp1-2)
    • MMR v38(7):451, Aug-Sept 1958 (p3)
    • "Dr. J.C.B. Grant" MMB v107:29-30, 1930 (pp4-5)
    • "Manitoba Anatomists" by RB Mitchell Can J Surg v11:123-134 April 1968 (p6)
    • "J.C.B. Grant (1886-1973)" Roll no. 2314 "Surgeons Lives" Royal Coll Surg of Edinburgh (pp7-8)
    • "Grant John Charles Boileau" Can Encyclopedia OnLine (p9)
  14. Publications: (21pp)
    • Two lists (both incomplete): 1909-1931; 1925-1935; incl 2 full copies, 3 partial, 1 title page: (pp1-2)
    • "Teaching anatomy in the University of Manitoba" Bull Assn Amer Med Colleges Jan 1928 (pp3-7)
    • "An Anomalous Duodenal Pouch" Brit J Surg v23(89), 1935 (p8)
    • "Anthropometry of the Cree and Saulteaux Indians in Northeastern Manitoba" Nat'l Museum of Canada Bull no59: (title page, index + pp1-7 of 83pp) (pp9-18)
    • "On the Appreciation of Anatomical Relationships (p19)
    • "Iinterarticular Synovial Folds" (p20)
    • "On the Frequency and Age Incidence of Duodenal Diverticula" (p21)
      See also:
      See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

      MPC 1.0 #104 A-C

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Grant, W Wallace

  1. Obit.: WFP 17 & 18 Dec 2003; CMAJ v170(12):1879, 8 June 2004 (3pp)
  2. Copy from student and faculty card files (1p)
  3. Updates (with family picture) sent in for 55th anniversary reunion of ‘44 class, 1999 (7pp)
  4. Copies of two letters re Acting Headship 2 Nov 1970 and 2 Apr 1971 (5pp)
  5. Retirement reception Children’s Hosp Res Fdn Newsletter 4(1) Winter 1976 (1p)
  6. "Medical staff specializes in child care" photocopy Wpg Trib 1 Dec 1956 (1p)
  7. "Results of research promising" Wpg Trib 2 Dec 1960 (1p)
  8. Note that he won the Alumni Jubilee Award in 1970 (1p)
  9. Grant, WW: "A sabbatical year in Britain" UMMJ 46: 18-22 1976 (3pp)
  10. "From polio to pediatrics" Med Post May 14 1991, copy & original (2pp)
  11. Note on his fellowship at Yale U MMR Oct 1950:549, copy & original (2pp)
  12. "A study of the role of the school physician as an active member of the school staff" typed report 1953 (11pp)
  13. Alumni Jubilee Award UM Alumni Journal v35(2) Winter 1975 (1p)
  14. Staff record: restricted access (31pp)

    MPC 1.0 #351 A-C (C is with update #13 below)

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Halpenny, Jasper

The Jasper Halpenny file contains the following material:(br>

  1. Obits: Wpg Tribune 19 Dec 1931; UMMJ 2:57, 66-69 1931; MMB (1931) 113:19-20; "Master Surgeons of America" SGO (1932) 55:527-8 (9pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Biographies: See also: Item 0. above (28pp)

    • Notes from "Medical History of Manitoba" attributed to R.Monk (original in file 21.10.3) (p1)
    • Biog note from GS Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (pp2-4)
  5. "Intestinal anastomosis. A new operation". Preliminary report. Typescript (7pp)

  6. 2 publications lists and reprints (incl picture of JH as a young man on p.1 of article on "Sarcomatous abdominal testicle in a hermaphrodite"; Presidential address to CMA) (p1 and p24); (28pp)

    • Nursing, its past, its present and its future (complete booklet) (p2)
    • Duodeno-Choledochotomy with case report (complete booklet) (p3)
    • A method to facilitate the avoidance of infection during intestinal anastomosis - preliminary report (p4 - both sides) (p4)
    • Provincial registration of trained nurses (pp5-8, both sides)
    • Extirpation of the thyroid gland in monkeys (complete booklet) (p9)
    • The training of the surgeon (complete booklet - 2 copies)(pp10-14)
    • The contribution of the hospital to the surgery of to-day - 2 copies (complete booklet) (pp15-23)
    • Tetanus (p24)
    • Sarcomatous Abdominal Testicle in a Hermaphrodite (p25)
    • Notes on drainage in surgery (p26-27)
    • An address on clinical and laboratory methods of diagnosis (p28)
  7. Interview with Halpenny by Alison Craig Man (Wpg)Free Press May 22, 1925 (1p)

  8. Corres Kerr/Hanks re copy of Halpenny’s "How to be healthy" (see Manitoba Authors in NJM) incl copy (8pp)

  9. Clipping with picture and brief biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery (3pp)

  10. "A trip to Mexico" by JH MMB #55:7-9, 1926 (2pp)

  11. Kerr, A. "The Manitoba CM degree..." Man Med (1993) 63: 145-147 (2pp)

  12. Corres re teaching load, resignation (originals in 1.4.1 under Halpenny); retirement to Texas MMB 58:4 1926, 59:5-6 1926, 80:2 1928; (8pp)

  13. Biog from Pioneers and Prominent People of Manitoba pub 1925 (1p)

  14. Brief report re MMA 7th annual convention & opening address by JH (President) on "Medical Education"; incl resolution advocating general use of typhoid fever vaccine CMAJ v4(7) July 1914 (2pp)

  15. Notes from a paper by Carr and Kerr, Can Soc Hist Med 1996 (5pp)

  16. Corres Leonard & Philip Halpenny/Ian Carr incl family biography, anecdotes (Winnipeg strike; Detroit Lakes, commune at Headingley); 2 newspaper clippings 1910 & 1914; (10pp)
    See also:

    • file 19.0.3 (1) Halpenny brief, 1908 to Manitoba Hospital Commission.
    • See book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM How to be healthy. 1911

MPC 1.0 #116 A-H

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