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Watson, Blake Haverson

The Blake Haverson Watson file contains the following material:

  1. 1933 Faculty questionnaire and copy of student card (2pp)

  2. Copy of newspaper clipping and cartoon c19 March 1926? No source given (3pp)

  3. “Delivery Man; keeping good old Manitoba in the forefront!” clipping from UMMJ 55: 94-95, 1985 incl photo; new baby department at St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica CA named in honour of BHW) (2pp)

  4. "Dr. Assists in 10,000 Miracles, Still Awed by Births after 42 Years as Obstetrician" re BHW, Los Angeles Times 25 July 1974 (2pp)

  5. "Dr. Blake Watson Feted for Outstanding Service" Medical Staff News St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica 1974 re gold medallion from Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth for outstanding service to St John's (1p)

  6. 1979 letter with memories, CV and picture of portrait of him presented to St. John’s Hospital sent to Dr. MH Ferguson for 50th Reunion of his class (5pp)

  7. Information supplied to Siobhan Kari from various sources on 1931 world champion hockey team; 25 Oct 2005 (7pp)

  8. Class of 1929 50 years later, excerpt on BHW from UMMJ 49(3), 1979:166-167 (2pp)

  9. Request for info on 1931 World Champion Hockey team (some also on Allan Cup 1928 champions) On Manitoba April 2006 (1p)

MPC 1.0 #40A-C with Man Varsity hockey team.
MPC 3.1 #40 with Allan Cup (amateur hockey).

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Warren, Charles Peter William

The Charles Peter William Warren file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1998 (14pp)

  2. Notice of his lecture to the History of Medicine Society, Jan ‘93 on William Stokes (1p)

  3. "MD broadens research into Carman area grain dust allergies" WFP 15 March 1978; "Grain dust study under way" Tribune 13 Feb 1978 incl photo of CPWW (3pp)

  4. "A medical mystery, more adults are dying from asthma" Maclean’s Sept, 1991, incl photo of CPWW (1p)

  5. “Teaching - our raison d’etre” incl photo Man Lancet v1(2)Apr/May 1997 (1p)

  6. “Respiratory health and farming: An essay” by Y Cormier Can Respir J v14(7) 7 Oct 2007 (for CPWW see p421 col 1) (2pp)

  7. “MD program modified to better represent changing needs in profession and society” Bull v31(6) 28 Aug 1997 (1p)
    See also:
    -Inaugural address “Sense and sensibility in medicine” 1985 in 21.3
    MPC 1.0 #304 - slide

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Walton, Frederick Charles A'Court

The Frederick Charles A’Court Walton file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: MMR Jun-Jul 1956 CMAJ v75:76, 1 July 1956 (2pp)

  2. Copy of student card (1p)
    -Frederick AC is the father of Charles HA and Frederick A
    -Charles HA and Frederick A are brothers

MPC3.2#040(Grad class 1905)

Sans titre

Walton, Frederick A'Court

The Frederick A’Court Walton file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ v148(4):632 15 Feb 1993 (1p)

  2. Copies of student and faculty cards 2pp

  3. 1933 Faculty questionnaire (1p)

  4. Letter to Marion Ferguson undated but c1982-1983
    -Frederick AC is the father of Charles HA and Frederick A
    -Charles HA and Frederick A are brothers

MPC3.2#060(Grad class 1933); 2.0#110(Students, Ninette1929)

Sans titre

Walton, Charles Hutchinson A'Court

The Charles Hutchinson A’Court Walton file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: UMMJ 51:77 1981; WFP 30? Apr, 1981; CMAJ v125:218 15 July 1981 (3pp)

  2. Copies of student and faculty cards (2pp)

  3. 1933 Faculty questionnaire (1p)

  4. Dust jacket of his book”Medical Odyssey...” 1980 (1 item)

  5. Copy of book reviews from WFP 18 Feb 1981 p40 (with photo) (3pp)

  6. Jan 1981 letter from AM Kerr to CHAW thanking him for signed copies of the book (1p)

  7. List of reprints (perhaps not complete) (1p)

  8. Clipping with signed note from Cdn Forces Med Service Info Bull no.2 ‘78 containing his article ”Medical casualties Part I”; Corres: 9 June 1980 to librarian enclosing both Part I and Part II of “Medical Casualities”. (11pp)

  9. "A Canadian General Hospital Overseas" MMR v24(10), October 1944 (address delivered at luncheon at the annual meeting of Man Division of CMA 13 Sept 1944 (3pp)

  10. Reprints: (63pp)
    -"A Study of the Racial Incidence of Tuberculsosis in the Province of Manitoba The American Review of Tuberculosis: v32(2) Aug 1935:183-195 (1-14pp booklet)

-"Acute Ulcerative Stomatitus, three unusual cases" (From No. 5 Canadian General Hospital Overseas) The Lancet 23 Aug 1941 p214; signed by author (1-8pp booklet)

-"A Series of Lectures on Allergy, delivered at the Annual Summer School of the Vancouver Medical Society in May 1951 The Bulletin (Vanc Med Assn) (1-32pp booklet)

-"Prairie Provinces of Canada" Regional Allergy 23 Mar 1955:145-153 (1-9pp booklet)
See also:
-Wpg Clin Quart (1970) 23 (3-4):103-112 for reminiscences
-See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
-Frederick AC is the father of Charles HA and Frederick A
-Charles HA and Frederick A are brothers

MPC 1.0#254 A-B; 3.2#032(Grad class 1932); 4.2#015(Can Amry Med Corps officers c1944); 4.3#028 (Med Coun Can 50th Ann mtg 1962);

Sans titre

Walsh, Frank Burton

The Frank Burton Walsh file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: UMMJ 49(2):108 1979; Hopkins Medical News 3(6):13, 1979; Trans Amer Ophth Soc v77, 1979:10-11; ASCRS Awards website (4pp)

  2. Previous catalogue page (1p)

  3. Reprint from A Tale that is Told, Estevan 1890 – 1980, biographical excerpts on FBW (11pp)

  4. List of his books in Manitoba Authors (1p)

  5. DSc(Hon): Biog summary for 1958 convocation; The Manitoban 15 Oct 1958; WFP 6 Oct 1958 & 11 Oct 1958; Wpg Trib 6 Oct 1958; Report of FBW's Convocation Address WFP 11 Oct 1958 (6pp)

  6. “A personal sketch of Frank Burton Walsh” by TO Coston Surv Ophthalmol 28(1):50-54,1983 (5pp)

  7. Picture and short bio from MMR 38(7) 456 Sept 1958 (1p)

  8. Corres AM Kerr to FBW Walsh thanking for signed copy of new ed of Neurophthamology (1p)

  9. Marriage to Josie Morgan in the WGH Generator 23 Jan 1959 (1p)

  10. Dr D Nicholson’s introduction of Dr. Walsh to the Man Medical Assoc 9 Oct 1952 plus announcement of FBW's lecture to MMA, typescripts (3pp)

  11. AT Mathers letter to Dr Walsh congratulating him on first edition of his book (1p)

  12. Note on FBW from Fac of Medicine and MMCF Newsletter Feb, 1997 (1p)

  13. The Frank B Walsh Collection in the Personal Papers Collection of Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions - collection summary and brief biog (3pp)

  14. Frank B. Walsh Professorship in Neuro-Ophthalmology. est. 1981 by James P Gills & other former residents & faculty of the Wilmer Eye Institute in memory of FBW (2pp)

  15. “Remark made on acceptance of the Proctor Medal Award, June 1966”; incl Publications list. Invest Ophth & Vis Sci 5(5):428, 1966 (5pp)

  16. Brief biog from http://www.iris-ward.com/_HTM/MEIS/W/1583-MEIS.htm (1p)

  17. List of biog of FBW from http://www.medicalarchives.jhki.edu/biblio/Walsh%20Frank%20Burton.html (1p)
    See also
    -books in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

MPC 1.0 #39 A-C

Sans titre

Waldon, Harold Vincent

The Harold Vincent Waldon file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: program of memorial service 26 Aug 1976; CMAJ v71;182 1954 (2pp)

  2. Letter 1995 from Bob Waldon to I Carr re HVW with itemized biography (4pp)

  3. Press Release by Bob Waldon 16 Sept 1983 incl B Waldon card (2pp+1 card)

  4. Letter to Gilchrist with “Commentary on the life . . .from a forthcoming biography by Bob Waldon” and photocopy of pictures (9pp)

  5. “A tribute to Dr. Waldon” under Stuartburn News in The Carillon 19 Dec 1973 (1p)

  6. “Thirty years a missionary doctor” by G. Wright Wpg Tribune 19 My 1947 (2pp)

  7. “This country doctor is happy” by HD Smith Family Herald & Weekly Star 23 Nov 1949 (1p)

  8. Note on Tribute in Vita UMMJ (1947) 27:371 & (1958) p125 (2pp)

  9. Title page of “Disaster at Vita” copy of pamphlet on tornado 1955 (13p)

  10. Transcript of interview with Mrs. Willard Waldon by E. Beasley 25 Oct 1991 (2pp)

  11. Notes on conversation with DB Stewart - I Carr Oct 31 1992 (3pp)

  12. “Vital consequences” unpublished paper by DB Stewart (11pp)

  13. JR Mitchell: Vita General Hospital UMMJ (1940) 12: 40-45 (6pp)

Sans titre

Wadge, Herbert William

The Herbert William Wadge file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 71: 18 August 1954 (1p)

  2. Copy of title page of “Should a Christian fight…” (1p)

  3. Offprint of Presidential address to Wpg Med Soc 21 May 1926 “Some problems of the profession” (1-16pp booklet)

  4. Copy of 5 x 7 card (1p)

  5. Notice of award of Bar added to Military Cross CMAJ v9(3):279 1919 (1p)
    See also:
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Sans titre

Wade, John Gilchrist

  1. Announcement of appt as Head of Anesthesiology MMR 49(8) 16, 1969
  2. CV March 1971, 1986
  3. CV from at least 1990
  4. Composite of announcements of appt as Dean UM Bull 16(17) 1 May 5/82; CMAJ 127:146 1982; Univ Affairs Aug/Sept/82 p.18 and UM Alumni J 43(1) Autumn/82
  5. Reprint (with picture) of announcement as Dean from UMMJ 52: 1 1982
  6. Copy of article by Manfred Jaeger WFP May 6/82 p.3
  7. Reprint of Convocation address, R Coll Phys & Surg Man Med 57(4) 128-9 Winter 1987
  8. Copy of picture in Dimensions in Health Science 61(3) 6 March/84
  9. Copy of picture from Wpg Tribune Dec 4, 1978
  10. Copy of short bio from WFP Nov 26, 1983 (1p)
  11. Can Anaesthetist Soc Gold Medal Man Med p,114 1987, biography Can J Anesth 34:434-6 1987
  12. Letter from Kingston General Hospital
  13. Invitation to the hanging of his portrait Jun 18, 2003 and report
  14. Biographical note from Canadian Patient Safety Institute website dated Feb 2005
  15. Announcement of appt as Vice Pres HSC 1979
  16. Diploma re Royal Coll Lectureship (Anesthesiology) 1981
  17. North Dakota Sioux Award 1985
  18. Announcement of Visiting Lecturer U Calif 1979
  19. Letter JGW to B Lindsey 1974
  20. John Wade - Founding Force for Patient Safety Man Med Fall 2007
  21. Appointment as deputy Minister of Health for Manitoba UM 1994 Report to Donors

MPC 1.0 #213 A-C
MPC 4.3 #96, A-H,J-N

See also: Inaugural Address as Honorary Pres MMSA in 21.3 & UMMJ 53: 113-4 1983
See also: 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

Sans titre

Vincent, Thomas Swale

The Thomas Swale Vincent files contain the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obit: MMR 14: 8 1934; BMJ (1934) 1: 83-4; CMAJ v30(3):335, March 1934; Trans & Proc R Soc Canada 3rd series 28: 6-8 1934 (with picture) (6pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Handwritten letter of resignation Feb 1, 1920 addressed to Dean SW Prowse (1p)

  4. Dr. SW Prowse’s answer to Item 2 “Your letter of February 1st did not of course come as a surprise to me after the recent announcement of your appointment as Professor of Physiology in the University of London. I was waiting for something more than the announcement in the papers before writing to congratulate you on the appointment. While your departure may not now throw our University entirely into oblivion, yet the fact remains that in you we are undoubtedly losing our most widely known member of the Faculty... “ February 3, 1920 (1p)

  5. "Medical History: Swale Vincent" by J McKenty MMR v45(1):43 Jan 1965 (1p)

  6. TSV entry from Royal Society of Canada p343 (1p)

  7. TSV entry from [British?] Who’s Who 1926 (1p)

  8. TSV entry Academy of Medicine, Toronto. Centennial Map 1967 (1p)

  9. Quote from TSV Address 1906 Alumni J Winter 1967 (1p)

  10. Memo from MH Ferguson to J Gemmell re an important observation on whether the medulla or the cortex is the actively-secreting part of the suprarenal gland (1p)

  11. Three recipes for Date Pudding, Caramel Pudding and Afternoon Tea Biscuits written by TSV's wife (???) on Dept letterhead (1p)

  12. Photo of TSV's book: An Introduction to the Study of Secretion (1p)

  13. Collection “Thomas Swale Vincent 1868-1933" compiled by Marion H. Ferguson, 1967-8 (incl CV, picture, obituaries from BMJ 1:83-84 1934 and Lancet 1:110-11 1934, notes on his activities in the Physiological Society and the Scientific Club of Winnipeg, Bibliography, photocopy of TSV's “A speech delivered on the occasion of the second University banquet and inauguration of the University Club”. Dec 6, 1906, copy of his publication in the Proc Birmingham Natural Hist and Philosoph Soc X pt 1, 1896, his introductory address at the opening of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School from Lancet 9 Oct 1920 and a copy of FD White’s “History of the Scientific Club of Winnipeg 1905-65” (51pp+1-63pp booklet)
    See also:
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    -UM Archives (Dafoe) QP190 v4 collection of 46 reprints; v5 in German (cannot find v.1-3)
    -file 17.4.10 : The History of the Scientific Club of Winnipeg 1905-1965
    Folder 2

  14. Letter from RS Bowles thanking Dr Ferguson for the copy of Vincent’s speech

  15. "Historial Vignette of Sir Thomas Lewis" mentions Lewis studied physiology under and was "enormously influenced by" TSV Mayo Clin Proc 56a; 749 1981

  16. Corres from Mrs Carroll Vincent Jean Hall (TSV's daughter) in 1995 re her visit to the faculty (7pp)

  17. Copies of material for display on Vincent mounted 1995 (9pp+3 photos)

  18. Memories of TSV by daughter CVJH (2pp)

  19. Photocopied material donated by Mrs Hall - picture, postcards, family tree, etc. incl cartoon of TSV from London Even Standard dated 1.10.20 (item 6(8)) (8pp)

  20. Copy: The Wonder Book of Science “The skin and its work” by the late Swale Vincent (donated by Mrs Hall) (3pp)

  21. Copy: Science for all; an outline for busy people 1926 “Human physiology” (donated by Mrs Hall) (21pp)

  22. Copy: program of a “Grand Concert” in Winnipeg 23 Nov 1916; Madame Beatrice Overton was TSV's wife (from Mrs Hall) (1-8pp booklet)

  23. Copy of birth certificate and biog notes on TSV by his daughter Pamela S Vincent (3pp)

  24. Certificates with Medical College of London: Med Student's Registration no.16049.] ,1887; Med Registration no. 32876.], 1892; receipt from British Assn for the Advancement of Science no.9, 1899 (3 items)

  25. Letter, 29 Jan 1920, appointing him as Professor of Physiology, London (2pp)

  26. "What is Winnipeg's chief musical need?" - articles by many people on 3 3/4 pages incl letter from TSV on p2; WFP 4 Dec 1918 (2 full pages, 1 half page and 1 quarter page)

  27. Copy of program for a "Concert" featuring Madame Beatrice Overton on Monday 29 Oct no year given but under the auspices of the Girls Grenadiers Auxiliary: "A silver collection will be taken for the Grenadiers Christmas Fund to provide gifts for the men of the 78th and 100th Battalions Overseas" (1-12pp booklet)

  28. TS Vincent reprints:
    -“The ductless glands” Science Progress no.11 January 1909 (1-15pp booklet)
    -“Internal secretion and the ductless glands” Lancet Aug 11 & 18, 1906 (1-40pp booklet)
    -“Science and culture - the university & modern life; convocation address delivered at the University of North Dakota May 23 1912” (1-8pp booklet)
    -“A speech delivered on the occasion of the second University banquet and the inauguration of the University Club” Dec 6, 1906 (1-7pp booklet)
    -“An address delivered for the students of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, on the occasion of the opening of the classes in the Faculty of Science” October 1906 (1-18pp booklet)

  29. List of books available for gift to the University of Manitoba Medical School (1p)

MPC 1.0 #212A-D

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