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Lockhart, Wilfred C. Anglais
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Scrapbook, Red

The first page of this scrapbook reads “Letters of Congratulation from Personal Friends received by Wilfred C. Lockhart (on the occasion of his election as Moderator of the United Church of Canada…in 1966).” Within the scrapbook Lockhart has arranged more than 125 letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings and greeting cards in alphabetical order according to the sender’s last name. Included are three invitations to government functions pertaining to Canada’s centennial year and a program from the celebrations, in which Lockhart and other ministers presided over a special worship service. No documents were added or removed when order was imposed.

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Personal Correspondence 1933 – 1967

This folder contains two telegrams and approximately 78 typed and handwritten letters (primary correspondents Richard Roberts, B. H. Buchanan, M. J. Boylen, S. C. Sparling, R. O. A. Hunter, and Stanley Russell).

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Council on Higher Learning 1967

This folder contains approximately 20 meeting minutes and agendas, three notices of meetings, one newspaper articles, 20 pieces of correspondence (primary correspondents A. S. Leach, J. Rollo, A. M. Monnin, and George Johnson) and five reports and working papers regarding the workings of the Council on Higher Learning and the status of Manitoba’s colleges in relation to Canada’s Universities.

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This folder contains six report cards, nine pieces of correspondence, eight programs, one class list, one set of lyrics to university songs, one class photograph and three newspaper clippings relating to Dundalk Middle School, Victoria University, Emmanuel College, University of Edinburgh and St. John’s College.

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Council on Higher Learning 1968-1969 et. al.

This folder contains documents relating to the Council on Higher Learning in 1968 and 1969, as well as related undated documents. The dated items consist largely of correspondence (primary correspondents included H. H. Saunderson and A. S. Leach). The undated portion contains two invitations, two pieces of correspondence, many handwritten notes taken throughout the 1960s, two meeting minutes, two notices of meetings, two copies of a list of Council members, two copies of a list of Council Organization and Terms of Reference and two reports.

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Council on Higher Learning

This series contains documents pertaining to Lockhart’s participation in the Council on Higher Learning. Meeting minutes, papers presented at Council meetings and assessments of Manitoba’s Colleges and University are interspersed by correspondence. Many of the documents are photocopies of originals.

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Principal’s/Annual/President’s Report 1961 – 1970

This folder contains bound copies of “The Principal’s Report,” printed annually by United College, from the 1961-1962 school year to the 1966-1967 school year. The University of Winnipeg’s “Annual Report, 1968-1969” and “President’s Report 1969-1970” are also included. No documents were added or removed when order was imposed.

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United Church Moderator

This folder contains session minutes from the United Church General Council, 41 newspaper and magazine articles written by and about Lockhart, two bulletins, five pieces of correspondence, two Moderator’s Addresses, one sermon and one nomination speech. These documents pertain to Lockhart’s nomination for the position of Moderator, time as Moderator and his successor.

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United College – Principal (II)

This folder contains material corresponding chronologically to Lockhart’s role as Principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg but not directly related to United College or University of Winnipeg. It contains 48 newspaper and magazine articles, two student newspapers, 11 programs, 11 bulletins, three brochures, four Rotary publications, two booklets, one photograph and five speech and sermon transcripts.

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