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Lockhart, Wilfred C. Anglais
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Kingsway-Lambton United Church

This folder contains 24 pieces of correspondence, six sermon transcripts, six pamphlets, one petition, one bond, four bulletins, two certificates of membership, one historical document written by Lockhart pertaining to the church and 19 newspaper articles pertaining to Lockhart’s role as minister in Kingsway-Lambton United Church. Of these documents one petition, two pieces of correspondence, two sermon transcripts and three articles pertain to Dr. Lockhart’s interaction with the World Council of Churches.

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Lockhart: “Norway Point Church”

This folder contains one copy of Lockhart’s book Norway Point Church, written in 1983. Also included are two bulletins from the church’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Lockhart’s sermon transcript from the anniversary service, correspondence with Toby (Crawford?) concerning the book and typed research used in writing the book.

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Lockhart – Material re. Crowe Case

This folder contains documents relating to the Crowe Case, academic freedom and tenure. It contains a copy of one legislative act, one copy of the “University of Winnipeg Act,” one calendar, one memorandum, one speech transcript, two programs, 17 pieces of correspondence (particularly from Catherine MacDonald regarding the Crowe Case Oral History Project; other correspondents include Michael Horn and Gerry Bedford), three sets of handwritten notes, one newspaper article and two copies of “In Defense of a College” by D. S. Barber. The contents of this file were not disturbed when order was imposed—no documents were added or removed.

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Lockhart- Autobiography (First Drafts)

This folder contains the first 130 pages of a draft of an autobiography written by Lockhart in February 1976. The document covers Lockhart’s life from his birth up to the end of the Crowe case, and contains handwritten corrections written in Lockhart’s hand. Twelve pages of an earlier draft, containing heavy revisions, are also found in this folder.

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This series contains documents pertaining to Lockhart’s career as a minister in the United Church. It includes sermon transcripts from various occasions, documents used when preparing sermons, publications clarifying the doctrine of the United Church and certificates and licenses. It includes documents specifically relating to Sherbourne St. United Church and Kingsway-Lambton United Church, as well as documents pertaining to Lockhart’s position as Moderator.

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Ministry – General

This folder contains documents relating to Lockhart’s work as a United Church minister. It contains his ordination certificate and minister’s license, six booklets concerning services and doctrines, five newspaper and magazine articles, 18 sermon and speech transcripts, four pieces of correspondence and four bulletins. Five newspaper articles regarding his participation in the Chaplains Curling League are also found in this folder.

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