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Daly House Museum David John Black Collection
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Threshing Scene

Black and white photograph; threshing machine, straw, buildings

McVicar Brickyard

Black and white photograph; McVicar's Brick Yard- Men, Wagons, Horses, Summer, Steam Engine, Buildings; 3 miles west of Brandon at Grand Valley (Man.)

Outhouse Scene

Two men sitting on top of outhouse - woman in doorway - winter

Certificate of Ownership - Land Titles Act - John Turner Clarke

Land deed issued under the act entitled " An acti to provide for appropriation of certain lands for volunteers who served in South Africa and the Volunteer Militia who served on the frontier in 1866"; District of Kenora, Ont, Township o...

Clarke, John Turner

Mortage - John Vance to T.B. Andrews - NE Quarter 5-11-18 W

Financial mortgage between John Vance, Brandon Farmer and Thurlow B. Andrews Vancouver, Merchant; Indenture of Mortage Jan 13, 1912 Clarence Stanley Vance Elton Farmer- NE Quarter of Section 5, Township 11, Range 18 West R.M. of Elton Manitoba; B...

Ayr School

Ayr Log School at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum

Horse/Mule Team

Photograph of a team of two horses and two mules pulling a swather - man - farm scene

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