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Lockhart, Wilfred C. Dossier Anglais
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Victoria University – Chancellor’s Council and Class Reunions

This folder contains five pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Goldwin S. French), two statements, four other Chancellor’s Council-related documents, four meeting minutes and one university publication Lockhart received between 1983 and 1985 as a member of Victoria University’s Chancellor’s Council. It also contains six programs, sixteen reunion invitations and summaries, fifteen pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Ralph S. Mills), three forms, one record of meeting minutes, nine class lists, one university publication, three receipts and two handwritten notes, all dating between 1949 and 1989, pertaining to reunions of Victoria University’s 1929 graduating class.

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University of Winnipeg: Post-Lockhart

This folder contains documents relating to the University of Winnipeg after Lockhart resigned at President. It includes six programs, two speech transcripts, two newspaper articles, correspondence (primary correspondent Jack Brown), two editions of “University of Winnipeg Inside Info,” pension and tax documents (including correspondence with J. L. Porter) and documents relating to the Alumni Association (including correspondence from Eilleen Burrows and Robin Farquhar).

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United College – Principal (II)

This folder contains material corresponding chronologically to Lockhart’s role as Principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg but not directly related to United College or University of Winnipeg. It contains 48 newspaper and magazine articles, two student newspapers, 11 programs, 11 bulletins, three brochures, four Rotary publications, two booklets, one photograph and five speech and sermon transcripts.

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United College – Principal (I)

This folder relates directly to Lockhart’s role as Principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg. It contains 58 newspaper and magazine articles, 27 yearly or monthly College and University publications, five pieces of correspondence, two student newspapers, seven programs, 10 speech transcripts, one petition of support, one list of signatures, one postcard and court documents

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United Church Moderator

This folder contains session minutes from the United Church General Council, 41 newspaper and magazine articles written by and about Lockhart, two bulletins, five pieces of correspondence, two Moderator’s Addresses, one sermon and one nomination speech. These documents pertain to Lockhart’s nomination for the position of Moderator, time as Moderator and his successor.

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Student Christian Movement

This folder contains five pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Jim Bickersmith), one invitation, one farewell speech and three newspaper clippings pertaining to Lockhart’s position of Secretary of the SCM. Three pamphlets, one attendance list, one journal article and one newspaper article regarding the World Conferences of Christian Youth in Amsterdam (1939) and Oslo (1947) are also included

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This folder contains six report cards, nine pieces of correspondence, eight programs, one class list, one set of lyrics to university songs, one class photograph and three newspaper clippings relating to Dundalk Middle School, Victoria University, Emmanuel College, University of Edinburgh and St. John’s College.

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Sherbourne St. United Church

This folder contains two pieces of correspondence, two bulletins, two sermon transcripts and seven newspaper articles pertaining to Lockhart’s role as preacher in Sherbourne St. United Church. One report and three pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Jerome Davis) relating to War Prisoners’ Aid and Internment camps are also found in this folder.

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Scrapbook, White

This scrapbook contains letters and greeting cards of condolence sent to Lockhart on the occasion of his first wife’s death. These letters come from family friends (including Keith Muir and Carl Ridd), United Church ministers, moderators, and congregations (including moderator Robert Smith, Rev. Dr. L. George LeDrew, Norway Point Community Church, and W. R. Davies) and others (mayor of Etobicoke and the staff of Palace Pier). Four newspaper clippings, two photographs, a form response letter from Lockhart, a “Book of Memories,” and Eileen’s certificate of membership in the University Women’s club (issued 1971) are also included. No documents were added or removed when order was imposed.

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Scrapbook, Red

The first page of this scrapbook reads “Letters of Congratulation from Personal Friends received by Wilfred C. Lockhart (on the occasion of his election as Moderator of the United Church of Canada…in 1966).” Within the scrapbook Lockhart has arranged more than 125 letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings and greeting cards in alphabetical order according to the sender’s last name. Included are three invitations to government functions pertaining to Canada’s centennial year and a program from the celebrations, in which Lockhart and other ministers presided over a special worship service. No documents were added or removed when order was imposed.

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