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Lockhart, Wilfred C. Dossier Anglais
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Commission on Re-Union

This folder contains eight meeting minutes, eight reports, two pieces of correspondence, a copy of “The Principles of Union,” one commentary on “The Principles of Union” and one sermon transcript pertaining to a potential union between the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada. The contents of this file were not disturbed when order was imposed—no documents were added or removed.

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United College – Principal (I)

This folder relates directly to Lockhart’s role as Principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg. It contains 58 newspaper and magazine articles, 27 yearly or monthly College and University publications, five pieces of correspondence, two student newspapers, seven programs, 10 speech transcripts, one petition of support, one list of signatures, one postcard and court documents

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United College – Principal (II)

This folder contains material corresponding chronologically to Lockhart’s role as Principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg but not directly related to United College or University of Winnipeg. It contains 48 newspaper and magazine articles, two student newspapers, 11 programs, 11 bulletins, three brochures, four Rotary publications, two booklets, one photograph and five speech and sermon transcripts.

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Lockhart – Material re. Crowe Case

This folder contains documents relating to the Crowe Case, academic freedom and tenure. It contains a copy of one legislative act, one copy of the “University of Winnipeg Act,” one calendar, one memorandum, one speech transcript, two programs, 17 pieces of correspondence (particularly from Catherine MacDonald regarding the Crowe Case Oral History Project; other correspondents include Michael Horn and Gerry Bedford), three sets of handwritten notes, one newspaper article and two copies of “In Defense of a College” by D. S. Barber. The contents of this file were not disturbed when order was imposed—no documents were added or removed.

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Student Christian Movement

This folder contains five pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Jim Bickersmith), one invitation, one farewell speech and three newspaper clippings pertaining to Lockhart’s position of Secretary of the SCM. Three pamphlets, one attendance list, one journal article and one newspaper article regarding the World Conferences of Christian Youth in Amsterdam (1939) and Oslo (1947) are also included

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Victoria University – Chancellor’s Council and Class Reunions

This folder contains five pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Goldwin S. French), two statements, four other Chancellor’s Council-related documents, four meeting minutes and one university publication Lockhart received between 1983 and 1985 as a member of Victoria University’s Chancellor’s Council. It also contains six programs, sixteen reunion invitations and summaries, fifteen pieces of correspondence (primary correspondent Ralph S. Mills), three forms, one record of meeting minutes, nine class lists, one university publication, three receipts and two handwritten notes, all dating between 1949 and 1989, pertaining to reunions of Victoria University’s 1929 graduating class.

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Council on Higher Learning 1967

This folder contains approximately 20 meeting minutes and agendas, three notices of meetings, one newspaper articles, 20 pieces of correspondence (primary correspondents A. S. Leach, J. Rollo, A. M. Monnin, and George Johnson) and five reports and working papers regarding the workings of the Council on Higher Learning and the status of Manitoba’s colleges in relation to Canada’s Universities.

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Personal Correspondence 1968 – 1979

This folder contains approximately 89 written and 43 typed letters, 15 greeting cards and three telegrams from acquaintances and educational or church figures to Lockhart. Letters from many departments and boards of the United Church are included, and a variety of United Church congregations (particularly those located in Manitoba and Ontario) are represented. Included are 63 written and 26 typed letters, 12 cards and two telegrams sent to Lockhart during his time of illness in 1968.

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Personal Correspondence 1980 – 1991

This folder contains typed and handwritten correspondence sent by acquaintances (primary correspondents include Gerry Bedford, Edwin Espy, and Jack Dixon) and organizations (primary correspondent is Mills and Mills Barristers and Solicitors) to Lockhart. Included are a large number of sympathy cards sent to Lockhart’s children regarding his death in 1991. A series of letters pertaining to Lockhart’s investment in Daniel Diversified Limited in 1983 is also found in this folder.

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Biographical Documents

This folder contains three newspaper articles, two obituaries (and one draft of an obituary), one speech regarding retiring presbytery members and one speech from a memorial service that treat Lockhart’s life in a biographical manner. Most documents were written either after Lockhart's retirement from the University of Winnipeg or after his death. Also included is a brief write-up detailing the lives of Lockhart’s parents.

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