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Carlos Sosa Interview

This series consists of 1 interview with Carlos Sosa, conducted by Emily McPherson in 2021.

This interview was conducted in 2021 by Emily McPherson as part of a practicum at the OHC, undertaken in the context of the Master’s of Human Rights Program at the University of Manitoba. After indexing and processing the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities Oral History Project as part of her practicum work, McPherson identified that a significant omission to the collection was an interview with Carlos Sosa, who due to his role as Project Coordinator, had not himself been interviewed. The interview was intended to be a compliment to the original collection, and followed the original intention: “to better understand ‘the formation and development of the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities and its contribution to the national and international movement to secure legal and social equality for persons with disabilities.’”

Oral History Centre at the University of Winnipeg

Roz Usiskin Interview

Oral history interview with Roz Usiskin conducted by Nolan Reilly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2018. The Interview File contains 8 individual interview sessions. All sessions are indexed and have full transcripts. A Related Interview Documents file contains all documentation submitted with the project including: Biographical Questionnaire, a transcript of a 1998 interview with Usiskin, and 30 photographs. Undigitized physical documents include books The Wolodarsky Family: Volume One: A Lifetime of Letters: 1913-1922 and Volume Two: The Legacy Continues, 1922-1979; Uncle Mike’s Edenbridge: Memoirs of a Jewish Pioneer; and Nolan Reilly’s interview notebook.

Roz Usiskin of Winnipeg initiated this professional collaboration with Nolan Reilly, University of Winnipeg. This project explores the life and career of Roz Usiskin from her birth in 1928 to approximately 2018. The Usiskin interviews were conducted in 2018 and focus principally on Usiskin’s life within Winnipeg’s culturally and politically progressive Jewish community, of which she is a prominent member. Themes include family and community life, political activism, feminism, education, multi-culturalism, and historical conservation. The preservation of Yiddish is a prominent theme in the interviews and the considerable documentation accompanying those interviews.

Reilly, Nolan


Calendar of Events from 2013-2015, 2017 and poster and invitation to Art Show from 2010

Children's Hospital Guild of Manitoba

Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

1 series comprised of 6 interviews (05hh 08mm 40ss) conducted as part of the Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Project. The interviews have been indexed and transcribed in full. Some interview files include photographs, correspondence, and archival material.

The project began in response to Janis Thiessen’s involvement on the planning committee for the 1919-2019 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference. In late 2016, she interviewed six descendants of those involved on both sides of the 1919 Strike, asking them to share stories they heard about the strike from their relatives, the lessons they learned from those stories, and how those stories shaped their own understandings of labour issues, unions, and social and economic justice.

Thiessen, Janis

Snack Foods: A Canadian Social History

This oral history collection includes the interviews that resulted in the book Snacks: A Canadian Food History (University of Manitoba Press, 2017). The Series includes interviews with owners, managers, workers, and consumers of independently owned Canadian snack food manufacturers including Old Dutch Potato Chips, Hawkins Cheezies, and Paulins, among others.

A Project Documents File includes all documentation submitted with the project including: the original project proposal, interview protocol and question guide, consent form and archival release agreement, and a project description (written after completing, including resultant publications).

Thiessen, Janis

Independent Grocers Project

1 series of interviews containing 3 interview files (05hh 32mm 12ss). All interviews are transcribed and indexed.

The purpose of this project was to study the history of the independent grocery store in Manitoba, a sector of food retail that has been disappearing over the last fifty years. There are a few histories of individual corporations and national histories of corner stores. However, there is no Canadian history of independent grocers despite their century-long existence. Funding was provided by a University of Winnipeg Major Research Grant, which permitted the hiring of Sarah Story (then a graduate student in the Joint Master’s Program in History) as a research assistant. A total of four interviews were conducted from 2016 to 2017. Three of the interviews were for public access and were transcribed. Interview participants were solicited through personal connections with the research team.

The scope of this project was expanded to become part of the Manitoba Food History Project.

Thiessen, Janis

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