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Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Oral Histories

Oral histories with twelve individuals who identify as Two-Spirit conducted at the 31st Annual International Two-Spirit Gathering on August 4-5, 2018 at the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre near Beausejour, Manitoba. Interviewers also identified as Two-Spirit. Training and equipment provided by the Oral History Centre with financial support from grants received by the University of Winnipeg Archives. Interview topics pertain to the Two-Spirit journeys and life experiences of these individuals. One interview was later destroyed at the request of the interviewee.

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Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc.

Accession 16.015 consists of 10 series of records pertaining to the operations, events, and members of the Congress of Black Women of Manitoba. Series include minutes and reports, correspondence, events and workshops, grant applications, research materials, internal publications, external publications, electronic records, moving image records, and photographs.

Accession 17.008 consists of one presentation by a member of the Congress, and has been included in the internal publications series of accession 16.015.

Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc.

This accession is arranged into six series. The first series consists of the national constitutions and by-laws of the Congress of Black Women of Canada. The second series consists of meeting minutes and agendas, and while national meetings are included, local chapter meetings form the bulk of the series. The third series contains both outgoing and incoming correspondence between Congress members, allied organizations and various government departments and agencies, and includes invitations and responses to events and workshops, and calls to support causes relevant to the Congress. The fourth series is comprised of records relating to events and workshops, such as notices, programs and detailed reports and workshop manuals. The fifth series consists of internal publications, such as briefs to government departments, newsletters and information booklets. The sixth series includes external publications, such as the newsletters of allied organizations and government reports

Wesley College Building Committee

  • CA UWA 02.008
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1894 - 1898

Contains correspondence, financial records, bills and accounts related to construction of Wesley Hall.

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Wesley College Time Capsule

  • CA UWA 04.010
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1890 - 1894

Contents document the dedication and opening of Wesley Building and the foundation of the College; consists of newspaper accounts of the event, documents that place the building and college within the Methodist Church tradition.

Hiebert and Brown family accrual

  • CA UMASC UMASC Mss 386, Pc 333, Tc 171 (A.12-83)-A2015-074
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1880-2013
  • Fait partie de Hiebert, Brown Family fonds

The fonds consists of 13 series. They include Catherine Hiebert material, Edward Brown material, Edward & Catherine Brown family material, Hiebert family material, reseach material, scrapbooks (oversize). Photographs (hollinger format, tapes (hollinger format), electronic records (hollinger format), Cathie Hiebert oversize photo albums, Edward Brown oversize photo albums, Edward & Catherine oversize photo albums & oversize photographs.

Hiebert and Brown Family accrual

  • CA UMASC UMASC Mss 386, Pc 333, Tc 171 (A.12-83)-A2012-083
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1868-2007
  • Fait partie de Hiebert, Brown Family fonds

Accrual consists of biographical information on all members of Hiebert-Brown family members, their correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, newspaper clippings. There are Paul Hiebert's audio-recordings and a manuscript "Willows Revisited" (1970); Wallace Brown's recollection of Winnipeg General Strike (June 21, 1919); and a Catherine Brown's genealogical research material into Hiebert-Brown family's roots.