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Beautiful Plains School Division Sous-fonds
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registers covering 1906 to 1919
Acton 155 1887 - 1918
Opened in 1887on the NW corner of 4-16-15 (J. M. Young farm). The first teacher was Harold Mitchell. The school was named by Mrs. Robert McCracken who had come from Acton, Ont. In 1903 this school was replaced by a new Acton School located on SE 5-16-15. This building was later moved to Eden and used as a community hall.


268 registers,
Arden 341 1887 –
1921/22 – 1983/84
The School district of Arden was formed 1n 1884 but it was not until June 1887 that the first school in Arden opened, with Mr. H. D. McCamis, formerly of Nova Scotia, as the first teacher. It was destroyed by fire several years later and a new 2-room one built in 1900.


attendance registers for the years 1894 to 1906.
Belton 370 1885 – 1919
Located on SW 16-13-16
The first teacher was Olivia Harrison.

Big Valley

attendance registers for years listed
Big Valley 2109 1926 – 1958
Located on NE 8-17-15
On June 16, 1924 the first meeting was held to discuss the building of a school that would be situated on either side of the valley. Many meetings were held, and in June, 1926 the school was built halfway up the bank on the north side of the valley. The school stood as a landmark until 1966 when it was destroyed by fire. The last teacher was Edward Sawchuk.


school records for years listed
Birnie 465 1886 - 1954 - 1968
The first school was built in 1886, three quarters of a mile from the Grover home and just across the road from the A. Henton lane, on SE 3-17-15. It was named North End No 465. The school was moved and a new brick school was built east of town in 1909 and called Birnie School.


school attendance registers, board minutes and financial
Clarksville 1396 1906 – 1986
Located on SE 5-16-16. Minutes dated in Dec. 1906 passed a motion to accept a tender to build a school. The school was built in 1907 and closed when the Beautiful Plains SD was formed in 1968.
The last teacher was Lyla Murdock

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