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United Church of Canada Archives Dossier
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Council on Higher Learning 1966

This folder contains five working papers and reports on aspects of higher learning, 19 meeting minutes and agendas, 12 meeting notices, a list of resolutions and 7 pieces of correspondence (primary correspondents A. S. Leach and G. M. Davies) pert...

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Personal Correspondence 1933 – 1967

This folder contains two telegrams and approximately 78 typed and handwritten letters (primary correspondents Richard Roberts, B. H. Buchanan, M. J. Boylen, S. C. Sparling, R. O. A. Hunter, and Stanley Russell).

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Scrapbook, White

This scrapbook contains letters and greeting cards of condolence sent to Lockhart on the occasion of his first wife’s death. These letters come from family friends (including Keith Muir and Carl Ridd), United Church ministers, moderators, and cong...

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Lockhart- Autobiography (First Drafts)

This folder contains the first 130 pages of a draft of an autobiography written by Lockhart in February 1976. The document covers Lockhart’s life from his birth up to the end of the Crowe case, and contains handwritten corrections written in Lockh...

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Biographical Documents

This folder contains three newspaper articles, two obituaries (and one draft of an obituary), one speech regarding retiring presbytery members and one speech from a memorial service that treat Lockhart’s life in a biographical manner. Most documen...

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Misc. Programs/Bulletins

This folder contains one memorial service bulletin from 1940 and one convocation program from Victoria University in 1962 that could not be appropriately placed elsewhere.

Lockhart, Wilfred C.

Trials, Suffering, and Hard Times

This folder contains 12 sermons appearing either in outline form or as a full transcript. These sermons all pertain to Christian responses to hard times, suffering and trials in life.

Knowles, Stanley Howard


This folder contains three sermons appearing either in outline form or as a full transcript. The sermons in this folder all have Christmas themes.

Knowles, Stanley Howard


This folder contains four sermons appearing either in outline form or as a full transcript. The sermons in this folder were preached during communion services.

Knowles, Stanley Howard

Missions, Evangelizing

This file contains two full transcripts of sermons. The sermons in this folder pertain to missionary work and evangelism by Christians.

Knowles, Stanley Howard

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