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H.H. Wall (Business Manager's) files

These records consist of correspondence (1948-1959), scattered CMBC reports (1948-1959), and minutes (1947-1948, 1953-1958, 1960), as well as a variety of financial records (three ledgers, correspondence, planning work re College budgets and finan...

Wall, H.H.

Prairie Pioneers: The Mennonites of Manitoba

  • CA MHCA Videocassette No. 260
  • Série organique
  • [1992?]
  • Fait partie de Otto Klassen fonds

This film covers the 100 year anniversary of Mennonites in Manitoba in the context of the Manitoba centennial as well the other centennial celebrations in Winkler, Altona, Steinbach, Emerson and Plum Coulee. Significant scenes include the visit of...

Peter B. Paetkau textual files

Volume 55721-37 Private Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1961-1990.Volume 55731-17 Private Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1991-2007.18-19 Travel Journals of Peter Paetkau. – 1965-1980.20-22 Seasons of Life - Peter Paetkau Autobiography. – 2004.23-24 Pet...

Ike Froese Native Ministry files

This series consist of the following files:Volume 56781. MPM / NM correspondence. – 1973-1992.2. Newspaper clippings re. Native Ministry issues and news. – 1963-2003.3. About MPM and Native Ministry personnel (clippings, reports, listings). – 197...

Ike and Margaret Froese Photograph collection

This series consists of the following photographs:696:1 Retirement of Jeremiah Ross. - 23 Aug 1998. - 15X10cm;col.. This photo show a group of four men and 2 women, including Jeremiah Ross, Mennonite minister at Cross Lake, Manitoba for thirty yea...

Family documents and genealogies

This series consist of 3 volumes of files. They are:Volume 56701. Indexes to Pioneer Section of Steinbach Cemetery (numerical, alphabetical and by status).2. Todesbericht der kleinen Gemeine nach Gerhard D. Doerksen Register [report of deaths in ...

Ed Schellenberg photograph collection

This series consists of 83 photographs. They are:694:1 Ed Schellenberg. - 2000?. - 10X15 cm;col.. This photo shows Ed Schellenberg, smiling, arms crossed, standing behind some flowers indoors with people in the background.694:2 Ed Schellenberg. -...

Peter B. Paetkau photograph descriptions

This series consists of the description of 163 photographs.688:1 Cheryl Pauls speaks. - September 23, 2009. - . In this photo Cheryl Pauls indroduces a recital (Assistant Profesor of Music).688:2 Cheryl Plays Piano. - September 23, 2009. - . In th...

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