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Hamerton, John Laurence

The John Laurence Hamerton files contain the following material
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: UM webmail 14 Feb 2006; WFP; Memorial Service material 23 Mar 2006; Man Med Spring/Summer 2006 (6pp)

  2. CV 1999 (66pp)

  3. Profile: "John Hamerton" Children’s Hosp Research Fdn 16(1):6, 1988 (1p)

  4. Appointment as Human Genetics Dept Head Grand Rounds 2(4), Fall 1985; UMMJ v56(1) 1986; (2pp)

  5. Geneticist appointed distinguished professor; incl picture of C Darwin UM Bull 24(19):7, 1 June 1987 (2pp)

  6. Teddy Awards: Children’s Hosp Research Fdn 16(2):6, Summer 1988; newspaper 1988 (3pp)

  7. The Curry Award honors geneticist UM Bull 31 #3 1997 (1p)

  8. Appointed to Royal Society UM Bull 24 July 1997; WPG 11 July 1997 (2pp)

  9. Caricature Grand Rounds 1(1):7, 1983 (1p)

  10. Biographical sketch "Child Health Research in Manitoba" (1993), J Gerrard, B Doan, O Woodford (3pp)

  11. Exciting future for genetics WFP 15 Mar 1997 (includes colour picture) (1p)

  12. Hamerton reflects on genetics research career UM Bull 30(19):7, 10 Apr 1997 (1p)

  13. Program booklet of Medical Genetics Day in his honour. 1997 (7pp-1 booklet)

  14. Notice of his Order of Canada, 2002, www.gg.ca; umanitoba.ca (2pp-one is 22 Jan 2003); Pinawa Echoes (2003 Highlights); WFP 18 Jan 2003 & 25 Oct 2003; UM Bull v36(18) 6 Feb 2003; Man Med Spr/Summer 2003; "Honouring the Best" UM website (10pp)

  15. "Good News for Sheep Producers... and Would-be Producers" Forage Focus v1(2), 2000 (1p)

  16. History of Medical Genetics by VA McKusick (pp4 & 6 re JLH) (15 dbl-sided pp)

  17. Long Term Lymphocyte Cultures - Cytogenics, Address at Children’s Hosp Wpg, c1970s (9pp)

  18. Fetus may be affected by halluinogenics WFP nd (1p)

  19. Entry in American Men and Women of Science 22nd ed. p461 (1p)

  20. Distinguished Service Award of Cdn Coll of Med Geneticists renamed to Dr. John L. Hamerton Service Award, 2007 (1p)

  21. Founders Award recipient 1996 from website of Cdn Coll of Med Geneticists; Bull v30(8) 10 Oct 1996 (2pp)
    Folder 2

  22. Staff record - restricted access (172pp)

    • Officer, Order of Canada 2002
    • Fellow of the Royal Society 1997

MPC 1.0 #79 A-C

Hamerton, John Laurence

Hamilton, Thomas Glendenning

The Thomas Glendenning Hamilton file contains the following materials:

  1. Obits.: TG:MMR 15(5) 1935; CMAJ 32:710-11 1935; WFP 7 Apr 1935; TG’s daughter: Wpg paper c18 Oct 1986 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. Copies of faculty & student cards; also Publications list & p1&2 of articles (6pp)
  5. Cards used in Manitoba Authors display for his Intention and Survival in Manitoba Authors in NJM (4 items)
  6. "Dr T Glen Hamilton, The Founder of the Manitoba Medical Review" by RB Mitchell MMR v40(3):219-22, Mar 1960 (2pp)
  7. "Arthur Conan Doyle’s Winnipeg adventure: 1923" by Rodin, Kerr, Sherlock Holmes Review v2(2) 1989, 2 copies (16pp)
  8. Corres AM Kerr & AE Rodin re TGH (6 letters), Printed article & typed ms: "Thomas Glen Hamilton Winnipeg Physician, and Spiritualist" Man Med v60(3), 1990 (19pp)
  9. Our American Adventure by AC Doyle title page with inscription to TGH. Incl clipping from Man Free Press Jul 1923; copy of note by Lillian Hamilton; copy of note from AC Doyle to Mrs TGH (3pp)
  10. "Kindred souls: The meeting of Drs Arthur Conan Doyle and Thomas Hamilton" by AE Rodin, AM Kerr, JD Key CMAJ v135:1216-1217, 15 Nov 1986 (2pp)
  11. Four clippings on Hamilton House (185 Henderson Highway):
    • "The essence of melodrama" Wpg Sun 25 Mar 1985;
    • "Rumors of ghosts surround Hamilton House" The Herald v70(43) 28 Oct 1987;
    • "The spectres of doubt" Wpg Sun 5 Apr 1992;
    • "Looking for ghosts? Try the UofM" Bull v42(13) 30 Oct 2008 (5pp)
  12. Letter from The Great Herd of Bisons of the Fertile Plains, The Sherlock Holmes Society of Winnipeg, Manitoba 7 Feb 1991 (1p)
  13. Psychic phenomena. Book review of Margaret Lillian Hamilton’s "Is survival a fact?" (1p)
  14. "The reality of psychic phenomena" by DF Campbell UMMJ 22(1):12-19, Oct 1950 (8pp)
  15. Teleplasmic phenomena in Winnipeg by TGH 1929; booklet (incl 18 photographs) Quarterly Transactions B.C.P.S. (1booklet pp179-208+15 plates photographs)
  16. 5 adverts for draft bio sketches for :TGH; GF Hamilton; JD Hamilton; JAH; JS Hamilton (5pp)
  17. Corres Brown/Kerr re material on TGH in CPS Gordon Bell Memorial Fund (Archives #4.5.4) (1p)
  18. Article on Hamilton Alumni J Dec 2000 (1p)
  19. Announcement of lecture on researching the TGH archives 2003 (W. Meyer zu Erpen) (1p)
  20. "Man’s research involved spirits..." The Metro 27 Oct 2004 (1p)
  21. 4 excerpts on Internat’l Survivalist Society’s web pages from TGH’s book Intention and Survival (8pp)
  22. Your on-line psychic resource UM Bull v40(19) 22 Feb 2007 (1p)
  23. University of Manitoba Special Collection - features Dr. Hamilton’s research into paranormal Wpg Real Estate News 23 Feb 2007 (3pp)
  24. TG Hamilton Lecture series notices: DJ Bem 29 Sept 2004; M Macy 21 Oct 2007; (3pp)
  25. "The spirits moved him: local MD" Wpg Real Estate News editorial (2pp)
  26. "Ghost Story" review of book Widows of Hamilton House WFP Books Assn of Man Book Publishers insert 29 Nov 2008 (2pp)
  27. Article re baby books of TGH's twin sons Bull v44(4) 20 May 2010 (1p)
    See also:
    • Archives and Special Collections, Elizabeth Dafoe Library University of Manitoba
    • Book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Hamilton, Thomas Glendenning

Handford, William Cuthbert

The William Cuthbert Handford file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: MMR Apr 1961 (1p)
    William Cuthbert is the father of Robert Gerald Handford

MPC 3.6 #6,23,25,33,34

Handford, Willliam Cuthbert

Havens, Betty J.

The Betty J Havens file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP, 2,4,5,6 Mar 2005, G&M, 5 Mar 2005; Man Med Spr/Summer 2005; CIHR website for the Institute of Aging 16 April 2005 (5pp)
  2. CV 1994 (27pp)
  3. Corres from Gaston Harnois, WHO 21 Aug 1984 (1p)
  4. "Researcher’s historical files a unique contribution" Bull 19 Aug 1999 (1p)
  5. MMA Health & Safety Award Bull v32(3) 7 May 1998 (1p)
  6. CHSRF 2003 Health Services Research Advancement Award; UM announcement; Bull v.37(8) 21 Aug 2003; UM Annual Report 2003-2004 (3pp)
  7. Order of Canada, gg website; WFP 10 Feb 2005; (2pp)
  8. Material on BH re naming R060 "The Dr. Betty Havens Seminar Room" 2005 (10pp)
  9. Honourary degree from University of Waterloo 1994 from UW website (1p)
  10. CAG (Can assn of Gerontology) Betty Havens Award in Longitudinal Research (1p)
  11. Staff file: restricted access (75pp)
  12. "Study on aging is ready to retire" Bull v42(14) 13 Nov 2008 (1p)
  13. Centre on Aging Betty Havens Memorial Graduate Fellowship award Bull v42(17) 29 Jan 2009; Centre on Aging website, 2009-10 (2pp)
    See also:
    • file 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

Hennen, Brian K E

The Brian K E Hennen file contains the following material:

  1. Announcement of appointment as Dean CMAJ 160:1865, 1999; UM Bull 25 Feb 1999; e-mail from Vice-President Academic; brief bio (5pp)

  2. "Dr. Brian Hennen, strengthening Manitoba’s medical community" M.D.News Wpg edition May 2000 (article with pictures) (complete journal:3pp on BKEH)

  3. W. Victor Johnston Award by the College of Family Physicians, 2000 announcement (1p)

  4. Message from the Dean: Man Med Spring 2000; Winter 2003-2004; Fac Med Annual Report 1999-2003; (4pp)

  5. "Dean Hennen enticed by new challenger" UM Bull Oct 18, 2001 (with picture) (2pp)

  6. Ian McWhinney Award 2003; CCFP SOT Newsletter 11(2), Fall 2003 (1p)

  7. Retirement reception announcement, invitation, 2004 (2 copies of card + 3 pp)

  8. CV 2000 (13pp)

  9. Letter offering self as WRHA board member, Jan 18, 2000 (2pp)

  10. Medical Hall of Fame Discovery Days introductory speech by BKEH 18 Oct 2002 (3pp)

  11. "Treat your fellow MDs with respect" WFP 1 July 2003 (1p)

  12. Anecdotes of BKE as Dean by JE Anderson, 26 June 2005 (3pp)

  13. Invitation to unveiling BKEH's portrait in A106; (1p)

  14. Note re Hennen from "History of the Coll Family Practice" Can Fam Physician Jan 1979 p51 (1p)

  15. "Gaps and Silos, Persons with Developmental Disabilities Move to the Community": Study leave report by BKEH with attendant corres (49pp)

  16. "A Generalist’s Overview of Medical Council Exam Results by UWO Students, 90-91" by BKEH (8pp)

  17. BKE card from Dalhousie (1 card)

MPC 1.0 #271 A (#2 below) &B
MPC 4.3 #118 Collection of 106 photos of faculty & staff at BKEH retirement reception (many good photographs)

Hennen, Brian K. E.

Hillsman, John (Albert) Burwell

The John Albert Burwell Hillsman file contains the following material

  1. Obit.: UMMJ 53(1):47, 1983 (1p)

  2. Copy of mention of JABH from Medicine in Manitoba by RB Mitchell, 1955 (on same page as item 1)

  3. Faculty questionnaire, 1933 (1p)

  4. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  5. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  6. Cards used in Manitoba Authors display plus copy of corrections to these cards (5pp)

  7. Newspaper clipping: "Winnipeg doctors sew man’s heart while guns roar" Wpg paper 25 July 1944 (1p)

  8. 8 letters re JABH’s credentials for his ChM, 1933; incl two memos by AM Kerr re the ChM (8pp)

  9. Reviews of "Eleven Men and a Scalpel": MMR 28:377 July 1948; CMAJ 58:534, May 1948 (1p)

  10. Publications list, incl 1st two pages of each (4pp)

  11. The Army Medical Organization http://www.junobeach.org/e/4/can-tac-med-org-ep.htm (3pp)

  12. The Field Surgical Unit by JABH CMAJ v58, Jan 1948:61-63 (2pp)
    See also:
    -book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Hillsman, John (Albert) Burwell

Hjertaas, Orville Kenneth

The Orville Kenneth Hjertaas file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: news release Gov’t of Saskatchewan 25 May 1998 (2pp)
  2. Copy of student file card (1p)
  3. Order of Canada 1997: GG website ; Saskatchewan Hansard 10 March 1998 (4 pp)
  4. Bio. Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan (online) entry by Gordon S. Lawson incl photo (1p)
  5. "Generations: 100 years in Saskatchewan". Description of CBC documentary of Hjertaas family (1p)
  6. "Cooperative Health Centre Prince Albert - History" (from website) OKH was a founding member (2pp)
    • Saskatchewan Order of Merit 1993
    • Order of Canada 1997

      3.2 042 A, B class of 1942; 0.0 004 Album from intern’s residence

Hjertaas, Orville Kenneth

Hollenberg Family

The Hollenberg Family file contains the following material:(br>

  1. "Lots of doctors in the house" WFP 11 July 1996 (2pp)

  2. The Hollenberg Brothers Jewish Post and News 11 Sept 1996; also typescript & letter from AM Kerr (11pp)

  3. Dorothy: Brief biographical note on Dorothy Hollenberg UMMJ 44(1), 1974; obit: prob WFP c Apr 1990 (2pp)

  4. Joseph: Obit: prob WFP cOct 1989; student card; 1928 letter to his classmates; obit (daughter) prob WFP cJuly 1992 (4pp)

  5. Esther: Obit: of Esther Gorsey Hollenberg WFP 9 May 1960; MMR (1960) 40: 481 (MISSING May 2011); student card; (3pp)

  6. Jacob: Obits: Man Med Spring 2000; WFP c20/28 July 1999; G&M 31 July 1999; photo MPC 1.0 #333; student card (5 items)

  7. Ida Esther Gersey (2nd wife of Jacob): Obit: WFP 8 Jan 2006 (1p)

  8. Stanley: Obit: of Stanley Hollenberg WFP June 1998 (1p)

  9. Murray: 40th reunion update 2000; student card (4pp)

  10. Barbara Kaufman: student card (1p)

  11. Joan Gobel: student card (1p)

  12. Staff records: restricted access
    -Michael Samuel

MPC 1.0 #333 (Jacob)

Hollenberg, Norman Kenneth

The Norman Kenneth Hollenberg file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1996 (32pp)

  2. Letter from CS Houston and reply asking for cv etc. for History of Medicine Day 1996 (2pp)

  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  4. Cards used in Manitoba author display (4pp)

  5. Copy from student card file (1p)

  6. Newspaper clipping: "Winnipeg MD winner of medal in Medicine from RCPS(C)" MMR v49(5) May 1969 WFP 30 Dec 1968; (2pp)

  7. "We proudly present... biographical sketch of alumni" Man Med College Fdn Newsletter Feb 1997 (1p)

  8. Title pages of two of NKH’s books: (2pp)
    -Management of Hypertension: a Multifactorial Approach Butterworths, 1987;
    -Atlas of Heart Diseases, Hypertension: Mechanisms and Therapy CM Current Medicine, Philadelphia, 1995 (1p)

  9. Update sent in for his class reunion (1p)

  10. Intro of NKH as Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecturer 1999 Hypertension 2000;35:524) (2pp)

  11. Intro of NKH to his speech on "Angiotensin Receptor Blockade in the Kidney: Importance..." from http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/421064_37 (1p)

  12. Biog of NKH from http://www/cocoasymposium.com/2006/media/Norman_Hollenberg.doc (1p)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

MPC 1.0 #250

Hollenberg, Norman Kenneth

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