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Lawrence Stuckey Collection

  • CA MCK 1-2002
  • Fonds
  • 1849-2001, predominant 1935-2001

Collection consists of a variety of materials, both textual and graphic. The Philately Collection is the largest part of the Suckey Collection and covers a wide geographical and temporal range. The majority of the stamps are from the United States, the British Commonwealth, France and the French Empire. There are also a number of stamps portraying animals, art and flowers. The slide collection includes approximately 10,000 images of various topics, such as landscapes, flora and fauna of North America and Expo 1967. The Stuckey photograph collection is perhaps the best collection of Brandon and Southwestern Manitoba photographs in one place. Images include grain elevators and historical buildings of the northern United States and western Canada, railways, the City of Brandon, as well as ships and boats, sporting activities, portraits, animals, flora and fauna, landscapes and farming/homestead photographs. This series also includes a large number of negatives, including glass plate negatives. The textual materials within the collection include personal journals written by Mr. Stuckey covering the years 1935-2001. These journals are autobiographical and act as a key to the rest of the collection in that they provide general time frames and the motivations behind Mr. Stuckey's activities. In addition to the journals, the collection consists of copies of Mr. Stuckey's four books and a few papers he wrote for the committees and clubs he belonged to. Other textual materials included are a small amount of personal correspondence, and research materials on a number of topics such as the CPR and Brandon area history. There are also three scrapbooks created by Mr. Stuckey dealing with his various interests. The collection also contains certificates presented to Mr. Stuckey by a number of the organizations he belonged to, as well as his honorary degree from Brandon University and his Order of the Buffalo Hunt award. A number of books, newspapers and articles on various topics, such as stamp collecting and horticulture are included in the collection.

Lawrence Stuckey

Brandon Normal School Second Class – 1930

Portraits of the students and staff of the Brandon Normal School Second Class June 1930.
Top row (l to r): R. Porter, K. Jessett, R. Roberston, C.T.G. Bailey, E. Tapp, I. Campbell, M. Loiver, D. Westaway, F. Doherty, K. McTavish, K. Musgrave, G. Leader, A. Huybrecht, J. Graham, L.J. Bruneau, E. McArter, G. Aylsworth, T. Balmer

2nd row (l to r): N. Popkes, M. Becker, F. Duprey, M. Barrett, R. Mckinnon, H. Robinson, Z. Mills, E. MacRae, J. Grieve, M. Guest, D. Scott, M. Cresswell

3rd row ( l to r): E. king, A. Antonichuk, F. McAuley, I. Matthews, B. Bastard, W.B. Beer Vice Principal, B.J. Hales Principal, N. Pearen, G. Lauze, H. Paetkau, A. Bowman, L.H. Kennedy

4th row (top l to r): I. Switzer, A. G. Hickling, M. Stewart, A. Merryweather, M. Hicks, D. Bailey, B. Patterson, V. Maxwell, P. Clark, M. Martin, H. Reid, G. Touzin, (bottom l to r): M. McGilvary, A. Arbuckle, M. Collins, W.B. Wachra (Class Pres), Mrs. D.R. Dois, B.A. B.Sc (H.E.), Miss B.A. Pilling (Asst Teacher), Miss M.A. Yeomans (Physical Culture), M. Highfield (Clas Press), I. Douglas, F. Fraser, M. David.

5th row (l to r): M. North, J. Kyle, I. Gillespie, K. Boydak, A. Hunter, E. Morgan, R. Bullock, M. Goucher, M. Johnston, H.A. Johnson

6th row (l to r): G. Watson, F. Lowe, M. Talpash, C.O. Motheral, B. Alexander, L. Bastard, M. Hickling, J. Gemmell, F. Goodwin, I. Virtue, G. Mayhew, F. Bardwell, V. Boyd, H. Teresko, E. Jury, I. Cannon, W. Steen, A. Hutton.

7th row (l to r): W.G. Cooper, J. Cullen, J. Drake, E. Surby, B. Bradshaw, M. Berry, M. Pearson, F. Fisher, D. Maguire, I. Hatch, M. Henderson, M. Hazelwood, E. Mackie, B. Poole, L. Smart, W.C. Hawn, M. Thomas, L. Nowe

8th row (l to r): M. Odey, P. Lauze, B. Lawson, A. Wilman, J.A. Taupin, R. Campbell, R. Maitland, K. Smith, E. Kelly, D. Jackson, E. Fleming, J. Beattie, T. Lawrence, G. Beaudry, E. Workman, E. Hiebert, W.B. Lowe

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon Normal School Winter Class – 1912-13

Portraits of the students and staff of the Brandon Normal School Winter Class 1912-1913. Top row (l to r): J. McIvor, J. Houston, M. Miller, N. Graham, L. Smith, M.S. Miller, N. Dutton, F. Andrew, V. Lonburgh
Second row (l to r): A. Hearn, M. Finnis, L. Howell (Treas), J. Young, M. Blair, B.D. Macnabb ( Asst Teacher), C. Milne, H. Buie, J. Patterson (Mus Dir), N. Fraser, E. MacKoe
Third row (l to r): M. Pete, B. McPhail, I Andrews, E. Eby, E. Porke, A. Coltart
Fourth row (l to r): E. McKinnon, E. McPhaden, K. Kinley, M. Young (Pres), Major McLaren ( Physc. Director), B.J. Hales (Principal), M. Whitney, L. Metcalf, F. McCallum, A. Paisley
Fifth row (l to r): E. Smith, S. Lovatt, A. Watson (asst editor), E. Gregory, E. Lee, D.S. Atkinson (editor), L. Hales, A. Stewart
Sixth row (l to r): R.C. Banning, E. Thomas, A.Welsh, M. Charters, L. Heisk, J.A. Aitkins, E. Millar, J. McLennon, A.P. Forbes, B. Ridyard

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon Normal School June 1940

Portraits of students and teachers from Brandon Normal School June 1940; names include (l to r; top to bottom): H. Hannah; W. Coulthard; E. Holditch; H. Tennant; F. Williams; J. Pettipher; H. Peterson; A. Ambury; I. Campbell; J. Hainsworth; I. Vig; M. Townson; L. Thornton; W. Lochhead; M. Ardrow; D. Archibald; Miss. M.A. Yeomans; Mr. C. Moore; K. Watson; J.S. Caldwell; S. Bradley; J. Christie; M. Witt; H. Mikkelsen; O. Scott; M. Scharff; D. Duncan; Miss B.A. Pilling; I. Duchesneau; E. Hawson; M. Simpson; D. Strath; B. Wiggins; E. Henderson; C. Smithson; M. Nelin; J. Campbell; M. Young; V. Brown; G. Wenman; I. Turcotte; E. Sommerville; M. Reid; I. Henderson; M. Lychacz; E. Duncan; M. Taylor; J. McPhail; D. Irwin; T.V. Cole; J. Regner; M. Skuce; P. Osman; G. Pue; A. Berkhold; D. Pue; B. McLean; E. Nash; J. McFarland; J. Bonner; D. Cousins; E. Pratt; N. Boake; K. Middleton; I. Goldie

Clark J. Smith Studio

St. Paul's United Church Session

Composite photograph of the men who attended the St. Paul's United Church Session. Pictured are: J.A. Glover, J. F. Cumming, J.A. Martin, A.W. Shaw, R.J. Stevens, H. Mills, J.R. Reid, J.R. Dobbie, J.B. Beveridge, J.E. Matthews, Dr. J. McDiarmid, Rev. Philip Duncan, David Shirriff, W.A. Robertson, J.F. Howard, W.H. Dunbar, Alex Trotter, Dr. W.J. Elliot, R. Macpherson, J.D. Ross, C.W. McCurdy, Harwood Duncan, and A.J. Irving.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon Fire Department, 1912

Composite photograph of the members of the 1912 Brandon Fire Department. Pictured are: R. Daley (Captain), J. Melhuish (Chief), E. Byes (Engineer), J.W. Fleming (Mayor), C.B. Coleman (Alderman & Chairman), A. Thomas, M. Watson, G. Taylor (Lieutenant), J. Todd, A. Flett, F. Dunnatt, W. Main, F. Benson, D. McDonald, T. Flowers, E. Harden, I. Adams, J. Daniel, A. Mowat (Lieutenant), T. Calder, A. Elborne (Secretary). Also includes four inset photographs: the Brandon Central Fire Station, Brandon Fire Hall #2, the Empire Hotel Fire, and an unidentified fire.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council 1961

Photograph of the 1961 Brandon City Council sitting at their desks. Picture are: Ald. Flora Cowan, Ald. J.M. Shurb, Ald. R. Kitchen, Ald. C.E. Webb, Ald. C.R. Wilson, Mayor J.A. Creighton, Asst. Clerk Mr. L. Thomson, City Clerk A.J.M. Bell, Ald. W.H. Boreskie, Ald. A.D. Burneski, Ald. G.D. Box, Ald. J.H. Campbell, and Ald. A. Cook.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council,1931

Composite photograph of the members of the 1931 Brandon City Council. Pictured are: Ald. J. Giddings, Ald. A.B. Patterson, Ald. H. Spafford, Ald. F.H. Young, Ald. H.R. Davis, Ald. Dr. P.C. Hughes, Ald. W.V. Oglesby, Ald. D.E. Clement, Ald. B.L. Patterson, Ald. J.H. Donnelly, Mayor H.W. Cater, Asst. City Clerk A.M. Carnahan, and City Clerk Geo. F. Sykes.

Clark J. Smith Studio

Brandon City Council - 1938

Composite photograph of the 1938 Brandon City Council members. Pictured are: W. Forsythe, F.J. Clark, Mayor F.H. Young, B.L. Paterson, H. Spafford, A.B. Patterson, J. Kirkaldy, C.F. Smith, W.R. Webb, City Clerk G.F. Sykes, F.H. Johnson, and W.H. Boreskie.

Clark J. Smith Studio

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