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University of Manitoba College of Medicine Archives Ferguson, Robert George Human services
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Ferguson, Robert George

The Robert George Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ v90 18 Apr 1964; v90 9 May 1964; UM Alumni J 1964 p14; MMR 44:239 1964; Lives Lived G&M 1 Aug 2003 (re son), Lives Lived G&M 19 July 2005 (re daughter); G&M 26 Nov 2006 and Lung Assn (son) (10pp)
  2. The Valley Echo v29(9) Sept 1948. Issue devoted to RGF’s career and retirement. It was "published monthly by patients and staff of the Sanatoria operated by the Sask Anti-Tuberculosis League, being their voluntary contribution to the campaign aganist tuberculosis" (132pp booklet)
  3. Dr "RG Ferguson, Manitoba 1916" The country doctors by Henri Chatenay, Mattrix Press 1980 (10pp)
  4. Entry from Univ Sask Archives website re honorary degree from Univ Sask, 1946 (1p)
  5. Publications list: "Changes in the Epidemiological Conception of Tuberculosis" (1p+7pp reprint)
  6. "Tuberculosis and Dr. R.G.Ferguson" & "The war on tuberculosis: Saskatchewan physician leadership" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (3pp)
  7. RGF on the treatment of children with TB CMAJ v9(49) September 1919 (1p)
  8. People Profile of RGF from CDC Team, Sask Lung Assn, produced under contract to Canada’s Digital Collection Program, Industry Canada (2pp)
  9. Tuberculosis Control by GD Barnett - article found in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan on its website 2008 (2pp)
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    MPC 1.0 #75

Ferguson, Robert George