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Mills, Allen File
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Public Ownership

Includes the publications: 'Public ownership and the NDP' (3 pp mimeograph), 'Public ownership of Canadian natural resources' (2 pp mimeograph), and 'The new face of American imperialism in Canada: Preliminary notes on the...

Mills, Allen

Policy issues

Includes the publications: 'The poor: the economically, socially and politically dispossessed' (2 pp mimeograph), 'Policy statement on housing and tenants' rights' (3 pp mimeograph), 'Public education' (2 pp mime...

Mills, Allen

Waffle in the New Democratic Party

Includes the publications: 'Proposed strategy for the Waffle in the NDP' (3 pp mimeograph), 'Labour affiliation to the NDP: discussion paper prepared for a B.C. Waffle meeting by a group of wafflers' (3 pp mimeograph), and ...

Mills, Allen


Includes the publications: 'The Ontario Waffle: A discussion paper of priorities affecting the running of a candidate for the Ontario leadership of the NDP' (3 pp mimeograph), 'Report of the Ontario Waffles Steering Committee to Ont...

Mills, Allen


Includes the publication 'For a socialist Saskatchewan in an independent socialist Canada' (9 pp mimeograph).

Mills, Allen

For an Independent Socialist Canada

Includes the publications: 'For an independent socialist Canada' (20 pp mimeograph), 'Revolutionary reformism: A strategy' (Cy Gonick - 28 pp mimeograph), 'A proposal for a "liberation caucus"' (Simon Rosenb...

Mills, Allen


Includes the publications: 'The Waffle and Quebec' (4 pp edited, typescript), 'English Canada and Quebec' (Jim Laxer, 7 March - 4 pp mimeograph), and 'Quebec and English Canada' (2 pp mimeograph).

Mills, Allen


Includes 6 issues of 'Waffle News,' 2 issues of 'Ontario Waffle,' and newsclippings.

Mills, Allen