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Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force Shipment at McKenzie Seeds

Photograph of a horse-drawn wagon in front of the A.E. McKensie Seeds building filled with wooden boxes for the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force to fight against the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia between 1918 and 1919. Written on the boxes: "Canadian Economic Commission Siberia. c/o L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Government Trade Commissioner. Sulfunskaya Street, No.10, Vladivostok, Siberia. Via Steamer "Cyclops" - Vancouver."

Davidson Studio

Brandon Normal School Second Class – 1920-1921

Portraits of the students and staff of the Brandon Normal School Second Class of 1920 -1921.
Top row (l to r): N. Turnhill (?), E. Gardiner, M. Bastard, A. Nicholson, I. Ritchie(?), E.M. Dorrett, J. Lawrence, A.C. Alexander, E.M. Dorsett,
Second row (l to r): K. O'Conner, V. Simpson, V. Powers, L.M. Knowlton, N.M. Lind, M. J. Campbell (?).
Third row (l to r): G. Thompson, M.I. Cumming, D.A. Hayes, W.B. Beer (Vice Principal), B.J. Hales (Principal), M.Fanset(?), C.H. Mitchell, I.H. Waluk
Fourth row (l to r): A. Wallace, M.H. Morrison, M.A. Yoeman (Drill Instructor), I. Fagin (Domestic Science), Mr. j. Skene (Manual Training), B. Pilling (Primary Art), J. Wallace, E. Hawthorne
Fifth row (l to r): E.L. Kennedy, E. Kelly, F. Wilson(?), E.A. Fraser, G. Cochrane, F. Smallbacomb(?), A. Leach, H.L. Pottinger
Sixth row (l to r): G.C. Hill, H. McCormick, C.B. Haskin, A. Deacon (Sec), I. Rabe (Class Pres), M. Geldof (editor), B. Stewart, D. Owens, C.P. Thomas
Seventh row (l to r): M. Brown, A.M. Stevens, C.E. Bailey, E.O. Shier, D.E. Hodd, J. ? Stevenson,
Eighth row (l to r): E.A. Duncan, E.O.M. Bird, L. Bastard, E. Monk, M.E. Sage, M. Clark
Ninth row (l to r): M.K. Robertson, L. Boyd, L.L. Nicol, D.S. Forsythe B.A., H. Bell (Pres), A. H. Robertson, R. Marshall, S. Moffatt

Davidson Studio

Ready for Sunday School

Photograph of six children in a buggy ready for Sunday School. Handwritten on back: "Maggie, Fred, Ethel, Laura, Preston, & Nelson all ready to go to S.S. The pony was Kitty. Taken on the old home farm between Cypress River and Glenboro. Mrs. R.B. Murray. Lyleton."

Davidson Studio

Brandon Normal School Third Class – 1919

Portraits of the students and staff of the Brandon Normal School 3rd Class of 1919. Pictured (left to right; top to bottom) A. Mitchell, J. Roe, I Wray, M. McCutcheon, J. Iverach, I. Udele (?), M. Rankin, E. Gervin, M. Roller, A. Allen, L. Hampson, M. O'Conner, E. Cummings, E. Wilson, G. Deacon, M. Byran, V. Robway, W. Whiter, G. Ewens, J. Ball, S. Jacobs, M. Oultons(?), F. Kennedy, E. Gadd, F. McKinnon, A.J. Hatcher (Assistant), B.J. Hales (Principal), W.B. Beer (Vic Prin), E. Rose, B. Graham, I. Young, H. Elder, M. Yeoman (Drill Instructor), E. McCard (Asst Teacher), S. Kudryk, J. Nazareurtch(?), H. Muir, J. Panesiah, R. MacIlveride, G. Mayer, E. Barr, A. Brown, L. Boyd, S. Johnson, T. Gibbs, M. Bristow, C. O'Conner.

Davidson Studio

Brandon Normal School Second Class – 1918

Portraits of the staff and students of the Brandon Normal School Class of 1918. Photograph was taken by Davidson Studio. Pictured (top to bottom and l-r): J. Maohan, J. Dixon, B. Siales(?), M. Lee, G. Latcham(?), A. Lang, ?, I.(?) or L.(?) Ress, J. Scott, E. Cottingam(?), K. D????, J. K????t, E. McKenzie, S. Wright, S.R. Johnstone, K. Strang, R. Blain, ?. Johnstone(?), E. West, A. Dalgbish(?), E. Ruddeu, E. Riesbury, W.B. Bur (vice principal), B.J. Hales (principal), Mr. J. Shaw (occupation at school unreadable), B. Mottisk(?), J. Lang, ?, ?, R. Arnold, K. Praise, G. Pierson, L. Hainstook(?), M. McFadden, V. Speers, L. Caloirley(?), V. Fletcher, B. Norton, Pearl Clark, M. Reid (occupation at school unreadable), M. Yemmans(?) (drill instructor(?)), Miss. M. Kilas(?) (O?????t?y service), N. Stevenson, G. Neitherent(?), N. Dayton, E. Jeffrey, ?, T. Blakeman, M. McArthur, ?, J. Fisher, ?. Campbell, V. McKenzie, J. Farney(?), M. Granger, A. Young, ?, L. Scott, J. Jaffray, A. Stinsor.

Davidson Studio