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Amalgamation of Wesley & Manitoba Colleges

Series consists of materials related to the administrative co-operation and eventual union between Manitoba and Wesley Colleges: co-operations occurred in 1913 and 1926, and full union began in 1938. Series is divided into three files. The first contains minutes of meetings of the faculties of the two colleges, respectively or in joint committees, as well as drafts and reports on the details of co-operation: covering all three dates. The latter two files contains correspondence among the two college's administration, research, and drafts of agreements leading up to the final 1938 union, including a final published copy of the Bill.

United College

Bachelor of Divinity Theses

Series consists of eight unpublished theses for the Bachelor of Divinity degree at Wesley College [1925 and prior] and United Colleges [1926-1938], the administrative co-operation between Wesley and Manitoba College.

United College

Cash Books

Series consists of ledgers recording the financial activities of several bodies within United College, including student organizations and general accounts ledgers for the College. The latter record fees collected from students, expenses for sundries and scholarships, and the Building Fund, and are organized approximately biannually.

United College

Collegiate Division Students

Series consists of records of the Collegiate, the high school of Wesley College, United College, and the University of Winnipeg. Series is arranged into five files. The first contains annual student statistics and enrolment cards; the second, student examination statistics and letters sent to students and parents concerning exam results; the third, information packages published for students; the fourth, announcements of Collegiate events such as dances and reunions, and ephemera from the same, as well as valedictory addresses and a history of the Collegiate; and the fifth, records of the Collegiate student government, including constitutions and lists of participants.

United College

Correspondence from the Metropolitan Civil Defence Board

Series consists of correspondence sent to United College by the Metropolitan Civil Defence Board of Winnipeg, a body meant to establish procedures and training for the city in the event of war. Correspondence describes the purport and aims of the Board.

United College

Correspondence with the United Church of Canada

Series consists of correspondence between Dr. Graham, Principal of United College, other members of the United College faculty, the offices of the United Church of Canada in Toronto, and the Chancellor of Victoria University. Correspondence relates to academic program, funding, student applications to the ministry, and enrolment and financial statistics.

United College

Erwin and Eva King Memorial Fund

Series consists of records from the Erwin and Eva King Ministerial Memorial Fund, established from an initial private donation of $500 on 22nd January 1942. The Fund was meant to provide loans to students entering the ministry. Includes the initial terms of the donation, and correspondence between the faculty of United College, students, and the bank related to the dispensed loans and the Fund's status. Series is arranged chronologically.

United College

Faculty of Arts and Science Records

Series consists of two ledgers containing records of students' grades, organized in reverse chronological order by academic year and alphabetically within each year. The latter includes an envelope containing 1949 minutes of a meeting of the Senate of the United College.

Wesley College

Financial Records, General Ledgers, and Journals

Series consists of ledgers recording the financial statistics of United College, including that of various administrative bodies, salaries, taxes, and other executive-level incomes and expenses -- but not day-to-day accounts such as sundries or student fees. Also includes a ledger detailing some demographic and academic statistics of the student body. Series is arranged chronologically.

United College

Financial Statements: Wesley, Manitoba and United College

Series consists primarily of annual financial statements for Manitoba, Wesley, and United College, respectively, as well as records and financial reports of the United College Graduate Association. Series is divided into two boxes. The first contains summary statements of income and expenditures for Manitoba and Wesley College as well as the Graduate Association records. The second contains detailed financial statements for Wesley and United College prepared by Chartered Accountants with a full account of revenue, expense, and assets such as investments, endowments, and property.

United College

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