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Lockhart, Wilfred C.
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Wilfred C. Lockhart Fonds

  • CA UCA Acc: 2008-33, 2011-27, ID# 3268
  • Fonds
  • 1924 - 1992

The fonds contains the surviving records of Wilfred C. Lockhart. It includes material relating to his work as a United Church minister and Moderator (1926-1991), principal of United College and President of the University of Winnipeg (1938-1990). It also includes material pertaining to his work as a student at Victoria College, Emmanuel College and the University of Edinburgh (1924-1989) as well as his work as a member of the Council on Higher Learning (1961-1969). Published works by Lockhart, as well as personal and private documents (1933-1992), are also contained in the collection. Five cassette tapes containing conversations and reminiscences by Lockhart with members of his family can be found within the collection as well (1990-1991). The collection has been arranged by subject, with the material within each subject arranged chronologically where possible.

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This series contains various documents spanning Lockhart’s life and career that could not be appropriately placed elsewhere within the order that has been imposed. This folder includes biographical material associated with Lockhart and private documents such as legal and medical papers. The series also includes more common forms of documentation including several programs, a number of Rotary addresses, publications by various Christian Missions groups and more than a dozen newspaper clippings.

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Biographical Documents

This folder contains three newspaper articles, two obituaries (and one draft of an obituary), one speech regarding retiring presbytery members and one speech from a memorial service that treat Lockhart’s life in a biographical manner. Most documents were written either after Lockhart's retirement from the University of Winnipeg or after his death. Also included is a brief write-up detailing the lives of Lockhart’s parents.

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This series contains documents pertaining to Lockhart’s career as a minister in the United Church. It includes sermon transcripts from various occasions, documents used when preparing sermons, publications clarifying the doctrine of the United Church and certificates and licenses. It includes documents specifically relating to Sherbourne St. United Church and Kingsway-Lambton United Church, as well as documents pertaining to Lockhart’s position as Moderator.

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Ministry – General

This folder contains documents relating to Lockhart’s work as a United Church minister. It contains his ordination certificate and minister’s license, six booklets concerning services and doctrines, five newspaper and magazine articles, 18 sermon and speech transcripts, four pieces of correspondence and four bulletins. Five newspaper articles regarding his participation in the Chaplains Curling League are also found in this folder.

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Personal Correspondence

This series contains personal correspondence sent to and by Lockhart. Included are letters from family and friends as well as from various churches, schools and institutions. Sympathy cards pertaining to Lockhart’s illness in 1968 and death in 1991 are found in this series, as are a series of letters regarding a financial investment of Lockhart’s that incurred legal proceedings in 1983.

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Oral History

This series contains five audio recordings pertaining to the life of Wilfred Lockhart and his brother Fraser. Tape A1 (“Conversation with Wilf and Wendy, May 1991”) takes the form of Wendy Duncan (Wilfred Lockhart’s daughter) interviewing Lockhart about his early years, and Tape A2 (“Wilf Reminisces, May 1991 and August 1991”) contains Lockhart’s continued reminiscing about similar subject matter. Tape B1 (“#1 Wilf and Fraser, Jan. 15 1991; Side 2 Wilfred Lockhart”) and Tape B2 (“#3 Wilf and Fraser”) contain recordings of Wilfred Lockhart interviewing his older brother Fraser about his life and the two reminiscing. Tape C (“Wilfred Lockhart, Dec. 1990”) contains a recording made by Wilfred Lockhart sent in lieu of a telephone call from his winter holiday in Florida – the recording was presumably intended for a family member and contains commentary on his childhood and life. All five tapes are estimated to run 90 minutes in duration and are copies of original cassette tapes.

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Personal/Private Documents

This folder contains items relating to Lockhart’s personal life that could not be appropriately placed elsewhere. These include nine invitations, one speech transcript, four newspaper articles, one page of copied poems, one photograph of Lockhart’s house, one daybook, two documents relating to royalty statements, two certificates, two medical documents, one set of condominium fee documents, one living will, one federal tax form, one page of figures concerning headstones and one last will and testament.

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Personal Correspondence 1980 – 1991

This folder contains typed and handwritten correspondence sent by acquaintances (primary correspondents include Gerry Bedford, Edwin Espy, and Jack Dixon) and organizations (primary correspondent is Mills and Mills Barristers and Solicitors) to Lockhart. Included are a large number of sympathy cards sent to Lockhart’s children regarding his death in 1991. A series of letters pertaining to Lockhart’s investment in Daniel Diversified Limited in 1983 is also found in this folder.

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University of Winnipeg: Post-Lockhart

This folder contains documents relating to the University of Winnipeg after Lockhart resigned at President. It includes six programs, two speech transcripts, two newspaper articles, correspondence (primary correspondent Jack Brown), two editions of “University of Winnipeg Inside Info,” pension and tax documents (including correspondence with J. L. Porter) and documents relating to the Alumni Association (including correspondence from Eilleen Burrows and Robin Farquhar).

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