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Mainland, Donald

The Donald Mainland file contains the following material:

  1. Previous catalogue sheet (1)

  2. Faculty questionnaire & brief professional summary incl titles of his books in Manitoba Authors (2pp)

  3. Bibliography (may not be complete) (1p)

  4. First pages of 4 articles, each signed (4 items)
    -"An Uncommon Abnormality pf the Flexor Digitorum Sublimis Muscle." J Anat 62 (Pt 1) Oct 1927 p87
    -"On materials used in marking paraffin blocks for reconstruction." Anat Rec v43 25 June 1929
    -"Uber makroskopische Farbung von Gehirnpraparaten mit Berliner Blau. Anatomischer Anzeiger v65 1928
    -"Notes on Applied Anatomy." Nova Scotia Med Bull 15:275, 1936.

  5. Reprint of “Valedictory address” 1930:3-9. (8pp booklet)

  6. Reprint: “The Ingestion of Sea Water as a Means of Attenuating Fresh Water Rations.” Can Jour Research E, 26:250-264. 1948. See acknowledgment p264 (8pp booklet)
    See also
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    MPC 1.0 #258

Mainland, Donald

Man, Sheung Chi

The Sheung-Chi Man file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ (2000) 162: 1259 (1p)

  2. News articles on his therapy: CentreScope 1(12) August 1973; Tribune Sept 16, 1977 (3pp)

  3. Corres Man/Library re his books (7pp)

  4. Brief biography (1p)
    See also:
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Man, Sheung Chi

Manning, Frank Arthur

The Frank Arthur Manning file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1996 (28pp)

  2. Edwin Tooth Guest Professor in Obs Gyn Award Man Med 58(1) 1988 (1p)

  3. News items: “Wpg baby charts medical first” WFP Dec 31, 1981; Tribune Aug 13, 1979 (2pp)

  4. Note on his book Fetal Medicine and corres re gift copy (3pp)

  5. “Prenatal tests . . .” with picture Novum Spring ‘96 (2pp)

  6. Announcement of Headship UMMJ 55: 32 1985 (with picture) (1p)

  7. Bio from the Dr John M Bowman Neonatal Research Symposium program 2006 (1p)
    See also:
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    -file 17.3.5(a/b) MMA Award winners files for biography

Manning, Frank Arthur

Mar, Jacques

The Jacques Mar file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of 5x7 student card
  2. Winnipeg Free Press article "Success of Four Sons Balances Savings Loss for Chinese Minister," July 27, 1936
  3. Copy of graduation photo from 1935 "Brown and Gold" yearbook
  4. Obituary - The Times Colonist

Mar, Jacques Caillard

Mar, Peter Gee-Pan

The Peter Gee-Pan Mar file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of 5 x 7 student card (1p)

  2. Christmas letter from his wife about his death 1976 (1p)

  3. Stover, Mel: “Peter G Mar ‘34" UMMJ 47: 22-24 1977, with draft typescript (6pp)

  4. Williams, M: Dr. Peter Gee-Pan of Victoria. Salute to a Canadian” from the Victoria Colonist , nd (1p)

  5. Publication: Title page only, co-author AM Davidson, “Acrodermatitus Chronica Atrophicans” Arch Dermat Syphil 26: 849-53 1932 (1p)

MPC 1.0 #103 A-C

Mar, Peter Gee-Pan

Markesteyn, Peter

The Peter Markesteyn file contains the following material:

  1. CV c1979 (4pp)

  2. “Death detective” interview with Markesteyn WFP June 13, 1993 (3pp+original)

  3. News items: WFP Nov 17, 1984; WFP Dec 31, 1982 (2pp)

  4. “Pete’s girls” Grand Rounds 2 (4) 1985 (1p)

  5. “City pathologist is heading to Kosova” WFP Jun 22, 1999; “Kosova atrocities sicken pathologists” WFP Aug 7, 1999; “Markesteyn back working in Kosova” WFP 2001 (4pp)

  6. “The same old question whenever a child dies” WFP 16 Sept 2007 (2pp+original)

  7. "Mining graves for evidence" Maclean's 27 Aug 2001 (1p)

Markesteyn, Peter

Mathers, Alvin Trotter

The Alvin Trotter Mathers file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: WFP Jan 5 1960; Tribune Jan 5, 1960; MMR 40:144 1960; Appreciation by LG Bell WFP Jan 7, 1960; CMAJ (1960) 82: 336,339; Appreciation by LG Bell - typescript; funeral note from ?; (12pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Faculty questionnaire and copy of 5 x 7 faculty card; (2pp)

  4. “In memoriam” for Royal Coll by LG Bell Nov 14, 1960 - typescript and handwritten draft (6pp)

  5. Proposal of Mathers as Senior Member of CMA by LG Bell - typescript (4pp)

  6. Summary autobiographical notes - typescript (2p)

  7. “AT Mathers” from Centennial Program 1983 p56 (1p)

  8. Deanship: Announcement WFP Aug 21 1931; Manitoban Sep 22 1931; “The new Dean” by
    GL Adamson UMMJ 3:5-7 1931; “The retiring Dean by JD Adamson UMMJ 21:5-7 1949 (7pp)

  9. Dean’s message UMMJ 14:13 1943 (with pencil sketch) (1p)

  10. Handwritten paper by Mathers, gift of AM Goodwin 1974 (4pp)

  11. Handwritten notes by ATM (5pp)

  12. President’s Address to the Medical Council of Canada by ATM 1942 (4pp booklet)

  13. Convocation Address by Mathers May 18 1932 - typescript (14pp)

  14. Proc Osler Society address 1926-27 (4pp)

  15. Presentation to Dr. Charles Hunter [on his retirement?], typescript (5pp)

  16. Copy of letter from Rockefeller Institute re grant (3pp)

  17. Editorial re ATM's retirement as Dean UMMJ v21(1) Oct 1949 (1p)

  18. News in CMAJ v9(6)June 1919 re Hincks-Clarke report, psychiatry services, Brandon Asylum (1p)

  19. Reprints: First 2 pages of 3 reprints; full reprint of 4th (3pp+6pp booklet)
    -Psychoneuroses in wartime CMAJ v47:103-112 1942 - signed (p1)
    -A Case of Myxoedema CMAJ Sept 1920:859 (p2)
    -The Broadening Scope of Mental Medicine CMAJ v13:371- , 1922 (p3)
    -Inaugural address 3 Oct 1927 reprint (6pp booklet) (p4)

  20. Staff record: restricted access (7pp)

  21. Copy of JP Gemmell letter to PHTT re J Doupe and his research vision. Gives excellent example of ATM's attitudes and support (4pp)

MPC 1.0 #162 A-B

Mathers, Alvin Trotter

Matheson, Elizabeth Beckett

The Elizabeth Beckett Matheson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 38(2):127, 1958; MMR Feb 1958 p.125; WFP Jul 9, 1958 (3pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Mitchell, RB “Pioneer! Dr. Elizabeth Beckett Matheson” MMR 40(8):617, 619 Oct 1960 (2pp)

  4. "100 Years have passed since first woman graduated from medical school" UM Bull 26(11): 6, 22 Oct 1992 (1p)

  5. Letter found in Minutes of the Faculty 1893-1901 re Mrs. Matheson's application for NWT license (2pp)

  6. Matheson, E “Medical Pioneering in Saskatchewan” Nurses’ Alumnae J [WGH] 1934 p.9-11 (2pp)

  7. Photocopy Buck “The Mathesons of Saskatchewan Diocese. Sask Hist 13(2) 41-62 1960 (22pp)

  8. “Elizabeth Beckett Matheson” handwritten summary of research by Marion Ferguson (2pp)

  9. Corres Currie/ Ferguson/Buck[Matheson’s daughter] CBC 1973-75 (15pp)

  10. Buck, Ruth “Making of a doctor” typescript from Montreal Star week of Feb 13, 1967 (4pp)

  11. Photocopies: Toronto Star June 1948; Regina Leader Post 10 Sept 1952; Saturday Night 23 Oct 1948; MMR v28:397 July 1948; Wpg Tribune ,nd; Wpg Tribune 8 Mar 1980 (7pp)

  12. 2 letters Kerr/Lemieux in connection with her book Indomitable women of medicine (12pp)

12.100 years have passed since first woman graduated...UM Bull 26(11):6, 22 Oct 1992 (1p)

  1. An Album of Canadian Christian Women pub. Faith Today July/August 2004 incl EBM (4pp)

  2. Article on EBM from Manitoba Women’s Directorate website: Women working for healthy communities Oct 2001 (5pp)

  3. Biograph item by CS Houston (MISSING JULY 2011)
    See also:
    -Hacker: Indomitable women of medicine - in NJM Library
    -Buck: The doctor rode sidesaddle - in NJM Library
    MPC 1.0 #106 A-C (with notes by her daughter)

Matheson, Elizabeth Beckett

Mathewson, Francis Alexander Lavens

The Francis Alexander Lavens Mathewson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: WFP Jan 9, 1994 with letter from Man Follow-Up Study office; Prairie Med J 64:71 1994; CMAJ v150(5):728, 1994 and v150(9):1490, 1994 (5pp)

  2. Faculty questionnaire and copy of 5 x 7 card (2pp)

  3. CV c1985 and publication list incl 1st 2pp of "Medical Classification of RCAF Groundcrew on the basis of Functional Requirements" CMAJ v49:512-515 1943 (7pp)

  4. Brief biography from Segal Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada 1820-1970 1988 p.213-4 (1p)

  5. Clippings: (5pp)
    -Distinguished Physician’s Award: Grand Rounds 2(5) 1985, Alumni J 46:21 1986; Canad J Cardiol 2: v 1986; UMMJ v56(1) 1986;
    -Wilbur R Franks Award: UM Bull 26:7 1992; Man Heart Fdn 1986;

  6. Honorary Chair of the Museum of Man and Nature: WFP July 22, 1977; Tribune August 5, 1977 (1p)

  7. “Doctors prominent in museum development” photocopy from MMR 50: 18-19, 1970 (2pp)

  8. Items re Manitoba follow-up Study: Alumni J 44:8-9 1984; Can J Cardiol 3:378-82, 1987; Tribune 9 Sept 1976 (6pp)

  9. Corres re Mathewson Reading Room, Manitoba Museum (3pp)

  10. Bibliograph (may not be complete) first page of Trans Assoc Life Insur Dir of Am 1952 (signed) (1p)

  11. FALM bio Man Med 62: 157 1992 (1p)

  12. Picture and brief bio Faculty Med Annual Report 1999-2003: 24 (1p)

  13. Order of Canada from Gov Can website 6 January 1994 (1p)

  14. Manitoba Follow Up Study Reunion Man Med Winter 1999 (1p)

  15. “Good citizenship award from Manitoba” WFP 1 Nov 1973 (1p)

  16. Photo page of “One Foundation, one million hearts”; see file 17.1.11 for brief biog from this booklet; see also: LG Bell 21.9 #1 for further info on FALM from previous Heart Fdn booklet (1p)

  17. Cdn Cardiovascular Society request for photograph of FALM for their flash media presentation at the 60th anniversary of CCS. FALM was an early president of CCS (2pp)

  18. Staff record - restricted access (4pp)
    -Captain, Order of the Buffalo Hunt, 1980
    MPC 1.0 #253A-B

Mathewson, Francis Alexander Lavens

Mayba, Ihor Ivhen

The Ivor Ivhen Mayba file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1993; 2005 (5pp+9pp)

  2. Copy of student card (1p)

  3. Short biography from his book Bonesetters and Others p.193-7 (3pp)

  4. Letter, ads and review of his book (6pp)

  5. Copy of title page with inscription, list of biographies in book and review from UM Alumni J 199, p252-253 from book on group medical practice in Manitoba and 1st International Congress on Group Medicine (5pp)

  6. Historical articles: (13pp)
    -“60 years ago, a historical vignette ..." Man Med 61: 172-4 1991 (pp1-3)
    -“Manitoba’s earliest school of orthopaedics - typescript (pp4-10)

    • Notice of his talk on Francis Lorne McKinnon (p11)
      -“Winnipeg Orthopaedic Society, a Short History" (pp12-13)
  7. 70th and 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian national Home" Wpg Sun 26 Sept 1983 & poster (2pp)

  8. 50th wedding anniversary notice WFP 9 Aug 2008 (1p)

  9. Re: donation by IIM and JM of the icon of St. Luke the Physician to the Medical College, also incl description of icon by the iconographer Vera Lazarowich Senchuk; also incl 4 col photos of icon presentation Man Lancet Winter 1998; Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Herald 15-30 Nov 1997 (6pp)
    See also:
    -Manitoba Clinic paper in file 17.1.13
    MPC 4.3 #128(A-D)

Mayba, Ihor Ivhen

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