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Metropolitan Michael Bzdel fonds
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Elevation to mitrat: Reverend Father Jaroslaw Holowaty and Reverend Father Wolodymyr Panchyshyn, Grandview, Manitoba

Rev. Fr. Jaroslav Holowaty and Rev. Fr. Wolodymyr Panchyshyn are elevated to mitrat, May 4, 1994, St. Elias Church , Grandview, Manitoba. From left, unidentified; Metropolitan Michael Bzdel; Rev. Fr. Darren Kawiuk; unidentified; Rev. Fr. Jaroslaw Holowaty at the podium; Rev. Fr. Gregory Oucharyk behind Fr. Holowaty; Rev. Fr. Wolodymyr Panchyshyn; Rev. Fr. John Lehky; Metropolitan (Emeritus) Maxim Hermaniuk; unidentified.

Metr. Bzdel places a Mitre on Fr. Panchyshyn

Moleben celebrated and 2 "Mitraty" are elevated: Father Jaroslaw Holowaty and Father Volodymyr Panchyshyn. Metropolitan Michael Bzdel gives a mitre to Father Panchyshyn while Father Michael Winn looks on. Father Holowaty stands on the right. May 4, 1994, Grandview, Manitoba.

Metr. Michael Bzdel with St. Vladimir's College students

Metropolitan Michael Bzdel with graduating students of St. Vladimir's College, as well as members of the Knights of Columbus and other hierarchs, June 16, 1994, Roblin, Manitoba. In the back centre, from left to right: Father Pidskalny, Bishop Michael Wiwchar, Metr. Michael Bzdel, and Father Bayda.

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