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Wadge, Herbert William

The Herbert William Wadge file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 71: 18 August 1954 (1p)

  2. Copy of title page of “Should a Christian fight…” (1p)

  3. Offprint of Presidential address to Wpg Med Soc 21 May 1926 “Some problems of the profession” (1-16pp booklet)

  4. Copy of 5 x 7 card (1p)

  5. Notice of award of Bar added to Military Cross CMAJ v9(3):279 1919 (1p)
    See also:
    -book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Wadge, Herbert William

Waldon, Harold Vincent

The Harold Vincent Waldon file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: program of memorial service 26 Aug 1976; CMAJ v71;182 1954 (2pp)

  2. Letter 1995 from Bob Waldon to I Carr re HVW with itemized biography (4pp)

  3. Press Release by Bob Waldon 16 Sept 1983 incl B Waldon card (2pp+1 card)

  4. Letter to Gilchrist with “Commentary on the life . . .from a forthcoming biography by Bob Waldon” and photocopy of pictures (9pp)

  5. “A tribute to Dr. Waldon” under Stuartburn News in The Carillon 19 Dec 1973 (1p)

  6. “Thirty years a missionary doctor” by G. Wright Wpg Tribune 19 My 1947 (2pp)

  7. “This country doctor is happy” by HD Smith Family Herald & Weekly Star 23 Nov 1949 (1p)

  8. Note on Tribute in Vita UMMJ (1947) 27:371 & (1958) p125 (2pp)

  9. Title page of “Disaster at Vita” copy of pamphlet on tornado 1955 (13p)

  10. Transcript of interview with Mrs. Willard Waldon by E. Beasley 25 Oct 1991 (2pp)

  11. Notes on conversation with DB Stewart - I Carr Oct 31 1992 (3pp)

  12. “Vital consequences” unpublished paper by DB Stewart (11pp)

  13. JR Mitchell: Vita General Hospital UMMJ (1940) 12: 40-45 (6pp)

Waldon, Harold Vincent

Walsh, Frank Burton

The Frank Burton Walsh file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: UMMJ 49(2):108 1979; Hopkins Medical News 3(6):13, 1979; Trans Amer Ophth Soc v77, 1979:10-11; ASCRS Awards website (4pp)

  2. Previous catalogue page (1p)

  3. Reprint from A Tale that is Told, Estevan 1890 – 1980, biographical excerpts on FBW (11pp)

  4. List of his books in Manitoba Authors (1p)

  5. DSc(Hon): Biog summary for 1958 convocation; The Manitoban 15 Oct 1958; WFP 6 Oct 1958 & 11 Oct 1958; Wpg Trib 6 Oct 1958; Report of FBW's Convocation Address WFP 11 Oct 1958 (6pp)

  6. “A personal sketch of Frank Burton Walsh” by TO Coston Surv Ophthalmol 28(1):50-54,1983 (5pp)

  7. Picture and short bio from MMR 38(7) 456 Sept 1958 (1p)

  8. Corres AM Kerr to FBW Walsh thanking for signed copy of new ed of Neurophthamology (1p)

  9. Marriage to Josie Morgan in the WGH Generator 23 Jan 1959 (1p)

  10. Dr D Nicholson’s introduction of Dr. Walsh to the Man Medical Assoc 9 Oct 1952 plus announcement of FBW's lecture to MMA, typescripts (3pp)

  11. AT Mathers letter to Dr Walsh congratulating him on first edition of his book (1p)

  12. Note on FBW from Fac of Medicine and MMCF Newsletter Feb, 1997 (1p)

  13. The Frank B Walsh Collection in the Personal Papers Collection of Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions - collection summary and brief biog (3pp)

  14. Frank B. Walsh Professorship in Neuro-Ophthalmology. est. 1981 by James P Gills & other former residents & faculty of the Wilmer Eye Institute in memory of FBW (2pp)

  15. “Remark made on acceptance of the Proctor Medal Award, June 1966”; incl Publications list. Invest Ophth & Vis Sci 5(5):428, 1966 (5pp)

  16. Brief biog from http://www.iris-ward.com/_HTM/MEIS/W/1583-MEIS.htm (1p)

  17. List of biog of FBW from http://www.medicalarchives.jhki.edu/biblio/Walsh%20Frank%20Burton.html (1p)
    See also
    -books in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

MPC 1.0 #39 A-C

Walsh. Frank Burton

Wilson, Fred C

The Fred C Wilson file contains the following material:
Folder 1:
Handwritten notebooks from lectures at MMC:
-Bk 1-Surgery II (final year medicine) Prof Jas McKenty; begins 1916, a few pages blank (236pp)
-Bk 2 - Otology/Ophthalmology; begins 8 May 1916, some pages blank (incl 14 loose pages at end of book - numbered 125-138) (138pp)
-Bk 3 - Obstetrics 1916, V Year Summer course 1916,some pages blank (Bk 3 incl 38 loose pages at end of book - numbered 125-162) (162pp)
-Bk 4 - Obstetrics nd but appears to be a continuation of Bk 3; pages at back blank (120pp)
Folder 2:
Handwritten notebooks from lectures at MMC:
-Bk 5 - Materia Medica 1912-13 (some blank pages) (217pp)
-Bk 6 - Physiology 2nd year 1913-14 (98pp)
-Bk 7 - Medicine 1915-16 (B7 incl 1 loose page at end of book - numbered 197 (197pp)

Wilson, Fred C

Worobetz, Stephen

The Stephen Worobetz file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: Globe & Mail 17 Feb 2006; Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, 4 Feb 2006; Canora Courier 8 Feb 2006; www.gov.sk.ca 3 Feb 2006; Montreal Gazette 5 Feb 2006; www.ucc.sk.ca 4 Feb 2006; Sask Star-Phoenix 8/9 June 2005 (wife) (9pp)

  2. Order of Canada, 1993. from www.gg.ca (1p)

  3. Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 1999: from www.gr.gov.sk.ca; Sask Govt News Release 29 Sept 1999 (3pp)

  4. LLD., U Saskatchewan, 28 Sept 1984. www.usask.ca/archives (1p)

  5. Biographical note of Distinguished Graduates, University of Manitoba. www.umanitoba.ca (1p)

  6. Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Worobetz (1p)

  7. St Thomas More College, USask, Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage (PCUH); www.usask.ca, and www.stmcollege.ca releases (2pp)

  8. Nation Builders Award, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 1995. www.ucc.sk.ca incl short biog (3pp)

  9. Worobetz Legacy Supports Sisters. Cornerstone Spring 2003 v3(1) (2pp)

  10. Dr. Stephen Worobetz, an interview by C Sorba (1p)

  11. SW appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan; source unknown (1p)

  12. Biog from program of the 113th AGM of the CMA, 16 Sept 1980 (1p)

  13. Military Cross notice from Lond Gazette 24 May 1945 (1p)

  14. Knight of Grand Priory of St John of Jerusalem notice Lond Gazette 23 June 1970 (1p)

  15. Biog by S. Broad from http://esask.uregina.ca/tmc_cms/modules/customcode/includes/print... (missing Jan 2012) (1p)
    -Order of Canada 1993
    -Saskatchewan Order of Merit 1999
    -LLD - University of Saskatchewan 1984
    -Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan 1970-76

Worobetz, Stephen

Walton, Charles Hutchinson A'Court

The Charles Hutchinson A’Court Walton file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: UMMJ 51:77 1981; WFP 30? Apr, 1981; CMAJ v125:218 15 July 1981 (3pp)

  2. Copies of student and faculty cards (2pp)

  3. 1933 Faculty questionnaire (1p)

  4. Dust jacket of his book”Medical Odyssey...” 1980 (1 item)

  5. Copy of book reviews from WFP 18 Feb 1981 p40 (with photo) (3pp)

  6. Jan 1981 letter from AM Kerr to CHAW thanking him for signed copies of the book (1p)

  7. List of reprints (perhaps not complete) (1p)

  8. Clipping with signed note from Cdn Forces Med Service Info Bull no.2 ‘78 containing his article ”Medical casualties Part I”; Corres: 9 June 1980 to librarian enclosing both Part I and Part II of “Medical Casualities”. (11pp)

  9. "A Canadian General Hospital Overseas" MMR v24(10), October 1944 (address delivered at luncheon at the annual meeting of Man Division of CMA 13 Sept 1944 (3pp)

  10. Reprints: (63pp)
    -"A Study of the Racial Incidence of Tuberculsosis in the Province of Manitoba The American Review of Tuberculosis: v32(2) Aug 1935:183-195 (1-14pp booklet)

-"Acute Ulcerative Stomatitus, three unusual cases" (From No. 5 Canadian General Hospital Overseas) The Lancet 23 Aug 1941 p214; signed by author (1-8pp booklet)

-"A Series of Lectures on Allergy, delivered at the Annual Summer School of the Vancouver Medical Society in May 1951 The Bulletin (Vanc Med Assn) (1-32pp booklet)

-"Prairie Provinces of Canada" Regional Allergy 23 Mar 1955:145-153 (1-9pp booklet)
See also:
-Wpg Clin Quart (1970) 23 (3-4):103-112 for reminiscences
-See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
-Frederick AC is the father of Charles HA and Frederick A
-Charles HA and Frederick A are brothers

MPC 1.0#254 A-B; 3.2#032(Grad class 1932); 4.2#015(Can Amry Med Corps officers c1944); 4.3#028 (Med Coun Can 50th Ann mtg 1962);

Walton, Charles Hutchinson A’Court

Warren, Charles Peter William

The Charles Peter William Warren file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1998 (14pp)

  2. Notice of his lecture to the History of Medicine Society, Jan ‘93 on William Stokes (1p)

  3. "MD broadens research into Carman area grain dust allergies" WFP 15 March 1978; "Grain dust study under way" Tribune 13 Feb 1978 incl photo of CPWW (3pp)

  4. "A medical mystery, more adults are dying from asthma" Maclean’s Sept, 1991, incl photo of CPWW (1p)

  5. “Teaching - our raison d’etre” incl photo Man Lancet v1(2)Apr/May 1997 (1p)

  6. “Respiratory health and farming: An essay” by Y Cormier Can Respir J v14(7) 7 Oct 2007 (for CPWW see p421 col 1) (2pp)

  7. “MD program modified to better represent changing needs in profession and society” Bull v31(6) 28 Aug 1997 (1p)
    See also:
    -Inaugural address “Sense and sensibility in medicine” 1985 in 21.3
    MPC 1.0 #304 - slide

Warren, Charles Peter William

Welply, William Rupert

The William Rupert Welply file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ v113:1202 1970; MMR v50(4) July/Aug 1970 (2pp)

  2. Pamphlet WRW used as a CV. Incl Education, qualifications, ware service, professional experience, surgical career, referees, testimonials, (10pp most dble-sided)

  3. Staff record: restricted access (5pp)

Welply, William Rupert

Wesbrook, Frank Fairchild

The Frank Fairchild Wesbrook file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 8(12) 1122-23 Dec 1918; UBC Senate Tribute online (for FFW’s wife) (3pp)

  2. Corres June 1958 C. Roblin to M Doreen E Fraser at UBC Library donating “Wesbrook Pamphlet Collection” to UBC; incl "The Wesbrook Collection" and list of the "Wesbrook Library" 1919; (5pp)

  3. Nov 1966 letter from A.Kerr to WC Gibson re info on Dr. Wesbrook (1p)

  4. Short biog note on FFW The Canada Lancet v52(5):226-227, Jan 1919 (1p)

  5. Biog note on FFW from The UBC Campaign Chronicle Spring 1990 (1p)

  6. Biog of FFW by William C. Gibson The Canadian Encyclopedia; obit of WC Gibson, mentions FFW (2p)

  7. Note re FFW in W Boyd’s entry in Munk’s Roll Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of London 1984 (2pp)

  8. "Frank Fairchild Wesbrook (1868-1918)" by William Carleton Gibson J of Hist of Med Allied Sci v22(4) 1968:357-379 (1-23pp reprint)

  9. List of Frank F. Wesbrook fonds in the Univ of BC Archives (4pp)

  10. Note on FFW from “Why Rockefeller Supported Medical Education in Canada: the William Lyon Mackenzie King Connection” pp71-72 CBMH/BCHM v10(1):67-76 (3pp only)

  11. List of reprints collected by FFW and given to the Med Library (1p)

  12. Reprints: (59pp)
    -“State responsibility in University education” Science NS 26 (677) 849-64, 20 Dec 1907 (an address to the Faculty of Science, Univ of Manitoba) (1-34pp booklet)
    -“The Provincial University in Canadian Development” Science NS 34, 1999:263-274, 20 Feb 1914 (address at inauguration of 1st president of Univ of Manitoba Nov 19, 1923- ) (1-12pp booklet)
    -“President Wesbrook - his University, his profession and the community” by WC Gibson BC Med J 9(1) 10-20, 1967 (1-13pp booklet)
    See also:
    -Gibson, William Carleton, 1913. Wesbrook and his university [UBC]1973 in NJM Library
    -file 2.18.2 Pathology - history for Jan Hoogstraten’s paper ,which incl biog material on Wesbrook
    -file4.5.1 for his address to the Alumni of the Manitoba Medical College

Wesbrook, Frank Fairchild

Whetton, Reginald Weston

The Reginald Weston Whetter file contains the following material:

0 Obit: WFP 23 April2001 (1p)

  1. Photocopy of student card (1p)

  2. “Ramblings of a country doctor” Autobiographical notes in spiral binding. (1-41pp booklet)

  3. Corres RWWhetter/AMKerr May 1999 (4pp)

  4. Handwritten letter to Dan Klass 1982 (1p)

  5. Letter to the editor with short bio update UM Alumni J v56 (2) 1996 (1p)

Whetter, Reginald Weston

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