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Canadian Mennonite Bible College fonds
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Admissions Office files

This series consists of correspondence and itineraries for Admissions Trips (1980-1994) and CMBC Singers/Chamber Choir, Ensemble, Voices, Bible Study, Drama Group and Hockey Tours across Canada as well as Manitoba Choir Visits, Portable CMBC and the Extension Committee which planned many of these trips (mostly late 1970s or 1980-1994). This series also contains correspondence, memos, minutes, applicant lists, advertising, evaluations and registration packages for the Peace Conferences (also called Peace-It-Together, or PIT) from 1980-1994. This series also consists of the minutes and correspondence of the PR committee, the Recruitment Committee, and information on Special Courses held at CMBC. Finally this series contains a large amount of correspondence to and from prospective students as well as pastors lists' from churches across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario listing possible CMBC students, 1977-1992.

These are the files of Gerald Gerbrandt (Office of Student Recruitment) (1973-1976), Will Braun (1976-1981), John Klassen (1981-1983), Clayton Loewen (1983-1986), Werner and Marilyn Kliewer (1986-1989), Brenda Sawatsky Petkau (1989-1993) and Wendy Janzen (1993-1997).

Canadian Mennonite Bible College - Admissions Office

Alumni Association

This series consists of minutes, correspondence and financial records of the CMBC Alumni Association.

Canadian Mennonite Bible College - Alumni Association

Canadian Mennonite Bible College fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1946-2000

The CMBC fonds consists of the administrative records from the offices of the business manager, president, registrar and admissions. A sampling of materials consists of special programs such as lectures, recitals or other musical events. The records of the Alumni Association have also been included in this fonds.

These records could be useful for a study of education among the Mennonites, for studies of the Bible school movement and for a variety of other educational themes. For people interested in the impact of educational institutions on the intellectual orientation of a "community" these files could help to illuminate the process.

Canadian Mennonite Bible College

CMBC Bookstore records

The bookstore records contain mostly invoices, account sheets of CMBC students, and payment orders. A small amount of bookstore correspondence is included. Most of the material in these files was generated by the following bookstore managers:

a) Judy Epp 1974-1976

b) Brenda Braun (1976-1979)

c) Shirley Tiessen (1979-1983)

Braun, Brenda

CMBC Publications

  • CA MHCA Volume 528-529, 841-842, 1051-1053, 1059-1062, 1096-1098, 2281, 3285-3286, 3372, 3672, 4105-4107, 4114-4117, 4670-4671, 4478-4479, 4954.
  • Series
  • 1973-2002
  • Part of Canadian Mennonite Bible College fonds

The bulk of the CMBC Publications files can be divided into three categories:

a) manuscripts submitted for publication

b) paste-up copies of books

c) correspondence related to various publications

Canadian Mennonite Bible College - Publications

George K. Epp (President) files

This series consists of mostly correspondence with churches, individuals, students, businesses, other educational institutions and correspondence, minutes, memos and reports from other committees with which George K. Epp was involved, e.g. MCC East-West Consultation and the Umsiedler program, the Task-Force on Higher Education, the Friends of Higher Learning, the Council of Church-Related Colleges of Winnipeg (CCRCW) and the China Educational Exchange. There is correspondence regarding the incorporation of CMBC and memos and minutes from the Dean's Search Committee which led to the appointment of Gerald Gerbrandt, and President Search Committee files following the resignation of George K. Epp.

Epp, George K.

Henry Poettcker (President) files

Henry Poetteker served as CMBC president for the years 1959-1978. The series does not, however, contain only Poettcker materials, but also contains most of the correspondence of the earlier College presidents for the years 1947-1959. The pre-1959 correspondence comes to 0.13 meters; for the years 1959-1965 it measures 0.52 meters. Part of the I.I. Friesen correspondence for the years 1951-1956 can be found in the H. H. Wall files. The Henry Poetteker files contain the most complete series of various sets of records. Included are: a) minutes - CMBC Board 1949-1969 b) minutes - Faculty Meetings 1948-1975 c) minutes - CMBC Board Executive 1955-1969 d) reports - CMBC 1952-1969 In addition to the CMBC materials, the Poetteker files contain considerable amounts of correspondence and records related to other educational institutions. He was also involved with many Conference boards, from which he has minutes, reports, and related correspondence. Most of these materials date from the years 1959-1971. The documents in the Henry Poetteker files are original and are in good condition. Because most of the material is bound in ACCO Press binders the papers have been prevented from becoming torn or crumpled. CMBC Board minutes were (with a few exceptions) kept in German until 1962. Otherwise the majority of the post-1960 material is in the English language.

Canadian Mennonite Bible College - President's Office

Henry Poettcker (President) files

This section consists of correspondence with Provincial Conferences, churches, schools, students, faculty and alumni, and files on personnel, finances, alumni, student council, academic calendar, college committees, conferences and special events from the office of Henry Poettcker who served as CMBC President for the years 1959-1978. The years covered by this series are more than the years of Henry Poettcker's presidency since some material was collected for background information and some files were continued by his successors.

Canadian Mennonite Bible College - President's Office

H.H. Wall (Business Manager's) files

These records consist of correspondence (1948-1959), scattered CMBC reports (1948-1959), and minutes (1947-1948, 1953-1958, 1960), as well as a variety of financial records (three ledgers, correspondence, planning work re College budgets and financing of building projects).

The run of correspondence in these records is complete, but few reports are included and the minutes have many gaps. There are a few scattered minutes from 1947-1948, and no minutes at all for the years 1949-1952 in this series. The financial records pertain largely to building funds for the administration building. (Most of the financial ledgers of the College were passed on to subsequent business administrators.)

All the material in these files is original and is generally in good condition. The few onion-skin carbon copies have become fragile (some frayed edges). The legibility of the documents is good since most of the materials are typewritten. About 60% of the documents in these files are in the English language. The German language materials tend to be correspondence with senior CMBC board members such as J. J. Thiessen.

Wall, H.H.

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