General Strike (Winnipeg, Manitoba : 1919)



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General Strike (Winnipeg, Manitoba : 1919)

General Strike (Winnipeg, Manitoba : 1919)

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General Strike (Winnipeg, Manitoba : 1919)

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General Strike (Winnipeg, Manitoba : 1919)

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Charles William Gordon fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 56, Pc 76 (A.84-42, A.85-15, A.87-06, A.87-58, A.90-54, A.93-16, A.97-48, A.98-72)
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1937, 1948, 1982

The fonds contains all of Charles Gordon's known literary manuscripts, his ministry records, his papers, writings and maps as a chaplain in the Canadian army in World War I, his papers as a labour negotiator in many Winnipeg labour disputes before and after the war, and various personal papers including those as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church. His literary papers consist of original manuscripts, publishers' correspondence, and abundant fan mail. The photographs are mainly of Gordon, the family cottage at Lake of the Woods, and some pictures of his ministry.

Connor, Ralph

Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

1 Series comprised of 6 Interviews (05hh 08mm 40ss) conducted as part of the Communicative Memory of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Project. The interviews have been indexed and transcribed in full. Some interview files include photographs, correspondence, and archival material.

The project began in response to Janis Thiessen’s involvement on the planning committee for the 1919-2019 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference. In late 2016 she interviewed six descendants of the those involved on both sides of the 1919 Strike, asking them to share stories they heard about the strike from their relatives, the lessons they learned from those stories, and how those stories shaped their own understandings of labour issues, unions, and social and economic justice.

Thiessen, Janis

Danny Schur fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 40 (A.05-111)
  • Fonds
  • 2005

The fonds contains a playbill from Strike! The Musical signed by playwright Danny Schur. This published material contains biographical information of those involved in the production as well as the itinerary for the opening night of the play, May 26, 2005. In addition, a pamphlet from the union International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE Local 63) is included.

Schur, Danny

Halpenny, Jasper

The Jasper Halpenny file contains the following material:(br>

  1. Obits: Wpg Tribune 19 Dec 1931; UMMJ 2:57, 66-69 1931; MMB (1931) 113:19-20; "Master Surgeons of America" SGO (1932) 55:527-8 (9pp)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Biographies: See also: Item 0. above (28pp)

    • Notes from "Medical History of Manitoba" attributed to R.Monk (original in file 21.10.3) (p1)
    • Biog note from GS Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (pp2-4)
  5. "Intestinal anastomosis. A new operation". Preliminary report. Typescript (7pp)

  6. 2 publications lists and reprints (incl picture of JH as a young man on p.1 of article on "Sarcomatous abdominal testicle in a hermaphrodite"; Presidential address to CMA) (p1 and p24); (28pp)

    • Nursing, its past, its present and its future (complete booklet) (p2)
    • Duodeno-Choledochotomy with case report (complete booklet) (p3)
    • A method to facilitate the avoidance of infection during intestinal anastomosis - preliminary report (p4 - both sides) (p4)
    • Provincial registration of trained nurses (pp5-8, both sides)
    • Extirpation of the thyroid gland in monkeys (complete booklet) (p9)
    • The training of the surgeon (complete booklet - 2 copies)(pp10-14)
    • The contribution of the hospital to the surgery of to-day - 2 copies (complete booklet) (pp15-23)
    • Tetanus (p24)
    • Sarcomatous Abdominal Testicle in a Hermaphrodite (p25)
    • Notes on drainage in surgery (p26-27)
    • An address on clinical and laboratory methods of diagnosis (p28)
  7. Interview with Halpenny by Alison Craig Man (Wpg)Free Press May 22, 1925 (1p)

  8. Corres Kerr/Hanks re copy of Halpenny’s "How to be healthy" (see Manitoba Authors in NJM) incl copy (8pp)

  9. Clipping with picture and brief biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery (3pp)

  10. "A trip to Mexico" by JH MMB #55:7-9, 1926 (2pp)

  11. Kerr, A. "The Manitoba CM degree..." Man Med (1993) 63: 145-147 (2pp)

  12. Corres re teaching load, resignation (originals in 1.4.1 under Halpenny); retirement to Texas MMB 58:4 1926, 59:5-6 1926, 80:2 1928; (8pp)

  13. Biog from Pioneers and Prominent People of Manitoba pub 1925 (1p)

  14. Brief report re MMA 7th annual convention & opening address by JH (President) on "Medical Education"; incl resolution advocating general use of typhoid fever vaccine CMAJ v4(7) July 1914 (2pp)

  15. Notes from a paper by Carr and Kerr, Can Soc Hist Med 1996 (5pp)

  16. Corres Leonard & Philip Halpenny/Ian Carr incl family biography, anecdotes (Winnipeg strike; Detroit Lakes, commune at Headingley); 2 newspaper clippings 1910 & 1914; (10pp)
    See also:

    • file 19.0.3 (1) Halpenny brief, 1908 to Manitoba Hospital Commission.
    • See book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM How to be healthy. 1911

MPC 1.0 #116 A-H

Halpenny, Jasper

Harry Gale fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1930, 1947-1978 (predominately 1963-1979)

Fonds consists of records of Harry Gale reflecting his personal interests, labour activism and his involvement with the Canadian Jewish Congress Yiddish Committee and other Jewish organizations.

Several files of newspaper clippings reflect a variety of subjects of interest to Harry Gale including Yiddish theatre and Israeli affairs. The clippings are mostly from Winnipeg’s Jewish newspapers.

Records of the Yiddish Committee include minutes, correspondence, scripts for radio programs and recordings of radio programs. Also included are other records of the Canadian Jewish Congress Western Division such as newsletters, reports of various committees and event programs.

Records reflecting Gale’s involvement with B’nai B’rith include correspondence, conference manuals, and other publications.

Jewish Labour organization records consist of newsletters and other publications. These organizations include Jewish Labor Committee of Canada and Labour Zionist Alliance.

Harry Gale

Interview with Kathleen Christensen

Oral History interview with Kathleen Christensen (010h 43mmm 25ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen, Winnipeg Manitoba, 2016. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Lisa McGifford

Oral History interview with Lisa McGifford (00h 26mmm 59ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen in 2016. The interview is indexed and fully transcribed.

Lisa McGifford was born in 1963. She worked in community health for some time before getting a law degree and coming to work at the UW Faculty Association. Lisa’s mother was a long-time MLA for the NDP. Her great-grandfather, James McGifford, was involved in the strike. His son Bob, Lisa’s paternal grandfather, took part and was about ten at the time. Bob and his friends broke into a boxcar destined for the mayor and ate the bananas they found inside. Lisa’s other paternal great-grandfather was also involved in the strike and apparently lost his job at CP Rail as a result, and was forced to assume a false name. Lisa’s grandfather ultimately became the Chief Electrical Inspector and had mixed feelings about unionism and politics in general. Lisa’s mother was involved in various forms of activism and introduced her to that world. Lisa went to law school because she felt that workers needed better representation. She hasn’t explicitly tried to pass down her family’s stories of involvement in the strike.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Margaret Owen

Oral History interview with Margaret Owen (00h 34mmm 36ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen, Winnipeg Manitoba, 2016. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed. A Related Documents file contains an article about William Cooper (originally published in the Winnipeg Free Press).

Margaret Owen was born in 1934 and worked in Winnipeg as a teacher. Her father was sent to Hong Kong during WWII as a Grenadier and spent the war in a POW camp; Margaret has published a book about their life at home during this period. Margaret’s grandfather, William Cooper, was a radical socialist who influenced the 1919 strikers. He was originally from Scotland and immigrated in 1905; he worked with CNR. During the strike itself he stayed in the background, but he ran a “Workers’ University” in one of the Labour Temples where he taught socialist theory. Cooper supported the One Big Union movement, and helped to adapt British unionism to the Canadian context and to Winnipeg specifically. He also wrote prolifically on labour issues. Margaret’s mother and other family were quite proud of Cooper and passed down stories about him. Her son has written an article about him for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Ross Metcalfe

Oral History interview with Ross Metcalfe (01h 44mmm 25ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2016. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed. A Related Interview Documents file contains three Photographs of Judge Metcalfe, and one of Judge Metcalfe's gavel.
Ross Metcalfe was born in 1954 in Winnipeg. He taught history and physical education, as well as having various administrative roles in Winnipeg schools. He has also been involved in various sports, cultural, and motorcycle organizations. Ross’ great-uncle was Justice Thomas Llewellyn Metcalfe, who tried the 1919 strikers. The family settled in Manitoba in the late 1800s. Ross’ grandfather and his family lived near the judge, and his father was a young teen during the trials. The family had to have guards escort them to and from school because of threats received by the judge. Justice Metcalfe was fluently bilingual, and enjoyed hunting, lacrosse, and hockey. Ross believes that Justice Metcalfe has been unfairly depicted in history books, and that he was a fair and extremely diligent judge who wanted to help the strikers while still following the letter of the law. The name Metcalfe caused trouble for some of his family members following the strike. Ross has preserved many artifacts and records passed down from his grandfather and great-uncle, and plans to organize them all. Ross does not feel affected by the strike but more so by his family’s pioneer history, and has never been on strike himself.

Thiessen, Janis

Interview with Sandra Oakley

Oral History interview with Sandra Oakley (01h 06mmm 58ss), conducted by Janis Thiessen in 2016. Interview is indexed and fully transcribed. Related interview Documents file contains a letter of recommendation from Bridge Over Blue Nile regarding Alex Oakley.

Thiessen, Janis

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