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Arizona Women's Organization fonds

  • CA CPA 1993.08, 1994.10
  • Fonds
  • [1882]-[1982]

Fonds consists of the history book, as well as material used to compile it. Includes family histories.


Audrey Harburn fonds

  • CA CPA 1988.55, 1988.54, 1988.155, 1992.122, 1999.02
  • Fonds
  • [1925-1967]

Fonds consists of 5 black and white photographs, and 4 negatives showing Carberry and North Cypress Annual Field Day, showing Montrose, Castle Hill, Sidney, and Linwood schools. Other black and white photographs show paternal ancestors (ca. 1900), and the McBean brothers. Textual material includes a 4-H certificate (1962), Sons of England Benefit Society certificate awarded to Emerson A. Harburn (1925), Order of the Crocus certificate awarded to Hilda Harburn (1967), family histories entitled "Descendants of Thomas Harburn" submitted by Harburn in 1998 and "Descendants of John Harburn (1868-1935) Brookdale, Manitoba" submitted by Velma Daws of Chilliwack, British Columbia in 1998. The Daws history includes a diary of her research trip to England in 1982.

Harburn, Audrey, [19-]-

Blanche Pearsall fonds

  • CA CPA 1999.11
  • Fonds
  • 1978

Fonds consists of a family history, noting Wellwood and Carberry, Manitoba families, itinerant settler life, and childhood experiences.

Pearsall, Blanche, 1912-[after 1974]

Bole Family fonds

  • CA CPA 1989.06, 1991.10, 1991.24
  • Fonds
  • 1989-1991

Fonds consists of two family histories entitled "Thomas Goggin (1824-94) and Margaret Foster (1831-1903)" compiled in 1989 by Mary and Ida Bole, and "Hamilton Heritage" compiled in 1990. Includes genealogical charts, and an undated letter from Ida Guthrie to Mavis Stuckey. Details the families' moves to the Carberry, Manitoba area in circa 1880 from Ontario, supported by photocopies of archival material such as correspondence and photographs.

Bole Family


  • CA CPA 1994.20
  • Fonds
  • [1990]

Fonds consists of photocopied geneologies of the Ramsey/Coutts families.

Ramsey, Burdette, 1908-

Cathcart Family fonds

  • CA CPA 1990.144, 1991.34, 1992.51, 1992.55, 1992.56, 2007.2
  • Fonds
  • before 1992 - 2007

Fonds consists of typed photocopies family histories titled "Mary (Cathcart) McCullough" (1872-1932) and "David Cathcart" (1868-1946), "William Cathcart" (1852-1939) describing homesteading beginning in 1910 until 1946 in the Sidney and Pleasant Point areas of Manitoba. Includes photocopied photographs. Undated black and white photograph shows the James and Jane Cathcart family. The published volume "The Cathcart Family Tree" is an 8.5" by 14" volume that documents the history of this particular branch of the Cathcarts from its origin in Ireland to its settlement in various places in Canada, and the family's growth and spread throughout Canada up to the date of publication (circa 2006).

Cathcart family

Cecil Johnston fonds

  • CA CPA 1990.116
  • Fonds
  • 1986

Fonds consists of a family history entitled "A History of the Branches of My Family" Volume II. Details, between 1818-1986 the families called Shillington, Nelson, Olmstead, McFarlene, Kerfoot, Routley, and Moffatt of the Gregg/Kerfoot district of Manitoba. Includes genealogies and photocopies of photographs.

Johnston, Cecil, [19-]-


These materials are related to various certificates Margaret has received from organizations and associations. Margaret's birth certificate is included.

Colin Court fonds

  • CA CPA 1988.308
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1987]

Fonds consists of genealogy charts.

Court, Colin, [1931]-

Dorothy Beswitherick fonds

  • CA CPA 1992.09, 2009.04
  • Fonds
  • [1990]

Fonds consists of genealogies of the Beswitherick or Beswatherick family beginning in 1751. Also five B & W photos dated 1916 mounted on black album cardboard - pictures on one side: one showing a house and yard, one showing Ernie Beswitherick and an unknown man, a narrow one showing an unknown man both dated 1916, and on the other side: one of a military parade on Main Street in Carberry and another of a mounted military parade with a military band in Carberry Fairgrounds, both dated July 12, 1916.

Beswitherick, Dorothy

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