Dugald Costume Collection Incorporated. Board of Trustees.

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Dugald Costume Collection Incorporated. Board of Trustees.

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The officers of the Dugald Costume Collection, Inc. were elected at a regular meeting of the Dugald Ladies Fashion Review on 19 March 1977. Following this, on 20th April 1977, members of the Dugald Ladies Fashion Review incorporated their collection of historic costumes with a view to building a permanent facility to house the collection. These officers continued to meet throughout the rest of 1977and 1978. The criteria for membership in the organisation were decided upon and the first meeting of the Board of Trustees took place on 30 January 1978 with the first Annual General Meeting of the Dugald Costume Collection, Inc. held on 15 March 1978 at the Dugald Community Club. Charitable status was secured and by-laws were written for presentation to the 1979 annual general meeting (and were later adopted at the 1980 meeting). The Dugald Costume Collection Incorporated is administered by a Board of Trustees elected by the members of the corporation. Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include establishing the mission, mandate and purpose of the museum; advocacy; providing for the safety, security and preservation of the collection through the provision of facilities and arranging for the hiring of appropriate staff; ensuring that the museum fulfils its responsibilities in the areas of public programming and education; policy formulation and monitoring and long-range planning; ensuring the financial stability of the museum through prudent oversight and supporting fund raising activities; and the hiring and supervision of the executive officer and other appropriate staff.


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