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Woodville United Church

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Woodville United Church existed in the Manitoba community of Woodville, Manitoba from 1925 to 1959. The predecessor of Woodville United Church was Woodville Presbyterian Church. The church was built in 1907, after the original (1893) structure was destroyed by fire in 1906. In 1925, Woodville was part of the Elkhorn Pastoral charge with Rev. A. Hood officiating. Woodville United Church was again damaged by fire in 1949. Services were held in a local school until construction on the third Woodville Church was complete in 1952. Due to declining membership, Woodville United Church closed in 1959. A memorial cairn was dedicated by the community at a service held at the Woodville cemetery in July of 1977.

Woodville Presbyterian Church

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Woodville Presbyterian Church existed in the Manitoba community of Woodville, Manitoba from 1893 to 1925. Presbyterian services commenced in Woodville around 1886. They were held in private homes, at the local schoolhouse and at Elliott's Hall until a church was built in 1893. At this time, Woodville was part of the Elkhorn field, along with Mosgiel. Rev. W.Y.W. Fortune presided. The original church was destroyed by fire in 1906 and the following year a second church was erected. In 1925, Woodville Presbyterian Church joined in The United Church of Canada to become Woodville United Church.

Woodlands, St George

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The parish of St George, Woodlands was formed by the Right Reverend Robert Machray on 21 July 1886. Services, however, had been held as early as 1874 in the home of Mr David Porteous, with Rev Canon O'Meara of St John's College leading worship. David Porteous also donated an acre of land, located in the SE corner of 16-14-2W for a cemetery. A log church was built in 1876. It was dedicated in October 1877. In 1897 a new church was built from plans designed by Toronto architect, Gordon Halliwell. The church was opened in the fall of 1897. On 20 June 1945, the church was destroyed by fire. The congregation elected to purchase the former Christ Church building, at Rosser. The structure was moved to Woodlands on 9 August 1947. A new foundation and narthex were added. The windows were replaced and the interior was refinished as well. It was opened and dedicated for Woodlands (having already been consecrated in Rosser) on 20 June 1948. In 1952 the original steeple was removed and replaced by a belfry, which housed a bell donated by the Canadian National Railway. A wheelchair ramp was added at this time as well. During the years between 1987 and 1997, the church structure was raised and new basement was dug. The belfry and chimney were removed and a tower and steeple were added. Over the years, St George, Woodlands has been associated various parishes and communities, including: St Oswald, Argyle (OW.002); St John, Brant (OW.011); All Saints, Erinview (OW.026); St Luke, Poplar Point (OW.073); Christ Church, Rosser (OW. 082); Meadow Lea; St Oswald; and Stodgell. Of note is the parish of St James, Woonona (later Stodgell), formed in 1907. Although a parish was formed, a church never materialized. The parish disbanded and all funds raised for church construction were turned over to the Woodlands parish. In 1990, the parish of St Luke, Poplar Heights closed and amalgamated with St George Woodlands. In 1995, St George, Woodlands was "twinned" with the parish of St Cyprian, Teulon. This priest-sharing arrangement lasted until 2006 when St Cyprian made an agreement with a Lutheran church in Teulon. As of 2009, St George, Woodlands is associated with St Michael, Grosse Isle. Clergy from Woodlands also hold an annual service at the St Luke Museum and at All Saints, Erinview.

Woodberry Riding Club

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The Woodberry Riding Club was founded on March 26, 1964 and dissolved on January 30, 2002. People present at the dissolution were: Keith and Donna Graham, Marg Campbell, Tom Addison, Ron Drysdale, Ron Jarvis, Mitchell and Gloria Mott, Wayne and Sandra Sagin, Alex Christison and Keith and Laural White

Women’s Committee of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

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  • 1947-present

The Women’s Committee of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet was founded in 1947 to raise funds and help promote the RWB. In the early years, the majority of funds raised for the RWB was through events such as fashion shows, teas, and auctions. In 1967, the Things Antique and Gifts shop was opened at 920 Grosvenor Avenue. The shop was moved to 913 Corydon Avenue in 2007. Although they still host other fundraising events, Things has become their major fundraising project, and is the longest running continuous fundraiser for the Arts in Canada. Since 1949, the Women’s Committee has donated over 900,000 to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

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