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Oral History Centre at the University of Winnipeg

Freund, Alexander

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Dr. Freund served as co-president of the Canadian Oral History Association and co- editor of the Oral History Forum d’histoire orale (2006-14); as a member on the International Oral History Association Council (2006-10); on the Oral History Association’s International Committee (2006-8) and Book Award Committee (2012). Before coming to the University of Winnipeg in 2002, Dr. Freund was a post-doctoral fellow at the German Historical Institute/ American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (The Johns Hopkins University), Washington, DC and at Columbia University’s Oral History Research Office, where he later worked as program associate (2001). Dr. Freund studied at the University of Hamburg, Simon Fraser University (M.A. 1994) and the University of Bremen (Ph.D. 2000).