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Crook, David

  • crook_d
  • Person
  • 1960-

Dave Crook was born in Winnipeg, MB. He graduated from Elmwood High School, and then the University of Winnipeg in 1982. In addition to coaching at Elmwood and West Kildonan high schools, he was the assistant coach of the Wesmen men's basketball team under Bruce Enns from 1982-1984. He was hired in 1984 as the head coach for the men's basketball team at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. He was laid off when funding for the athletics program there was cut in 1989, and moved to the University of Lethbridge, as head coach and instructor, from 1989-2000. University of Lethbridge publications describe him as their “winningest coach.” Due to his performance in that role, he was awarded the Men’s Basketball Coach of the Year by CIS. In 2001 he returned to the University of Winnipeg as head coach of the Wesmen men’s basketball team and instructor until 2010. He resigned as coach (but continued to teach) that year; in 2015, he was made the University’s Athletic Director, in which role he continues today.

Hehner, Patricia

  • hehner_p
  • Person
  • [1945]-

Patricia Hehner is the daughter of Eric and Gertrude (nee Parsons) Hehner. She resides in Ottawa, ON with her husband, Stephen McKenna.

J.H. Ashdown Hardware Company Limited

  • ashdown_hardware
  • Corporate body
  • 1869-1970

The J.H. Ashdown Hardware Company began on 11th September 1869 when the recent immigrant to Winnipeg, James Henry Ashdown, purchased George Moser’s tinsmith shop at Portage and Main. Soon after in 1871, the original shop inadequate for his growing business, Ashdown erected a structure at the corner of Bannatyne and Main. Winnipeg’s 1873 incorporation as a city and the arrival of the railway in 1878 brought waves of immigration, and between 1875-1885, Ashdown expanded his building several times to accommodate its success and patronage.

Ashdown saw the trend of western expansion and launched Ashdown Hardware stores across Canada – including Portage la Prairie and Emerson (1881), Calgary (1889), Saskatoon (1912), Edmonton (1923), and Regina (1929). Back in Winnipeg in 1896, he started construction on his warehouse close to the docks in order to better receive shipments via river traffic and to launch distribution for more stores. Business was booming – in 1900, he launched the “Ashdown Special,” a promotional spectacle consisting of an entire train of goods shipped west with specially marked cars.

In 1902 the business was officially incorporated as the J.H. Ashdown Hardware Company Limited with the Province of Manitoba, and they released their “Diamond A Brand” – the company’s mark of quality – in 1904. The same year, his Main Street store burnt and was rebuilt within a few months; that building still stands at the corner of Main and Bannatyne to the present day.

The founder J.H. Ashdown passed away in 1924, and was succeeded as owner of the business by his son, Harry C. Ashdown. When Harry Ashdown passed away in 1970, the company was sold to the local liquidation outlet Big 4 Sales.

Kerr, Kaye

  • Person

Dr. M. Kaye Kerr received her B.A. in Zoology and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Child Development, all from the University of Minnesota. Her teaching career also began there as an Instructor, 1964-1967. Afterwards she worked as a psychologist in a variety of international institutions until coming to the University of Winnipeg as a Lecturer in Psychology in 1969. In 1970 she was appointed Coordinator of the Developmental Studies program, a position she remained in until 1989. She was later made Director of that program from 1992-1998. In that position, she initiated the University's Child Studies Centre in 1971 and its Child Care Training Program starting in 1983. Dr. Kerr retired from the University of Winnipeg in 2001.

Marketing and Communications

  • Corporate body
  • 1967-

This department was first formed after United College became University of Winnipeg in 1967. Prior to its existence as a discrete administrative unit, its function was performed by a General Faculty Council Committee. It was afterwards titled variously: Information Office (1967-1972), Public Relations (1972-1984), Development Centre (1984-1985), Community Relations (1985-1987), External Relations (1987-1988), University Relations (1988-2004), and University Advancement Services (2004-2006). This body co-operated with the Media Department towards print & radio advertisements, announcements, recruitment material, fundraising, institutional events and celebrations, and official communication with alumni. In 2006, Communications was rolled into the new External Affairs, reporting to its VP, along with Alumni and Events. It was renamed Marketing & Communications in 2007; and finally, in 2012, External Affairs was dissolved, and the Marketing & Communications became an independent department reporting to the President’s Office.

McKitrick, Edith

  • mckitrick_e
  • Person
  • 1901-1994

Edith Agnes McKitrick was born in 1901, the first of eight children of T.G. McKitrick and Sarah Agnes Colter. Edith McKitrick was born and raised in Crystal City, Manitoba. She was a student at Wesley College (one of the founding colleges of what is now the University of Winnipeg) from 1922 to 1926. After obtaining her degree she attended the Manitou Normal School to obtain her teaching certificate. She taught in several rural schools and was Principal of the school in Winnipegosis, Manitoba prior to her retirement in 1966. She was involved in many music and drama programs throughout her teaching career. She later moved to Winnipeg where she became involved with the Augustine United Church and the University of Winnipeg Womens' Club. She was married to William J. (Scotty) Howatson. She died on July 29, 1994.

Media Services

  • media_services
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1970-1995

The date of the creation of the Media Services Department is unclear, however, the earliest evidence of its existence as a distinct administrative entity dates to 1970. In cooperation with other university departments, including the University Relations Department, the Media Services Department developed print and radio advertisements, announcements, and other communications for internal and external audiences, and documented the institutional life and history of the University of Winnipeg and its predecessor institutions (United and Wesley College). The department also hosted and organized a variety of presentations for staff and students. Additionally, it provided a range of services to staff and students, including the provisioning of classroom equipment, assistance in graphic and video production, audio services for special events, and photography unit. The Media Services Department was disbanded in 1995 and its responsibilities redistributed to various other departments including Technical Support Services, Printing Services, and Physical Plant. Following its closure, photographic services were contracted out.

Merasty, Connie

  • merasty_c
  • Person

Connie Merasty is a Swampy Cree and Two-Spirit person from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba. She has worked with the Opaskwayak Educational Authority, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, and Two Spirited People of Manitoba. Her career has also involved human rights activism, dancing, writing, and acting.

Mordoch, Elaine

  • murdoch-e
  • Person

Dr. Elaine Mordoch is a Registered Nurse and an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba. Her research and teaching involve mental illness, trauma, and the intergenerational/family effects of these conditions, with a focus on the Indigenous community.

Parkinson, Hazel Alexina

  • parkinson_h
  • Person
  • 1898-1981

Hazel Alexina McDonald was born in Hartney, Manitoba, on September 13th 1898. After completed high school in her home town, she took courses at Brandon Collegiate and then worked as a teacher for three years. In 1919 she joined Wesley College and graduated with a BA in 1923, and resumed her career in teaching. She married Osborne B. Parkinson on December 17th 1927. They lived in Roland, Manitoba, until 1951, at which point they moved to Winnipeg. She was active in community, educational, and historical organizations, and a published author. She passed away on June 23rd, 1981.

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