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Adamson, Gilbert Logie

  • Person
  • 30 Jun 1901-21 Apr 1985

Education: MD(Man)1927, MRCP(Edin), FRCP(C)
Positions: Gordon Bell Research Fellow 1927-28
Demonstrator, Lecturer, Asst Professor (Medicine)
Assoc Professor Internal Medicine (Neurology) & Psychiatry

Adamson, Ian Young Radcliffe

  • Person

Education: BSc (Hon Chem) 1963, PhD (Electron Microscopy) 1966 both Glasgow

Positions: Asst Prof 1970-75; Assoc Prof 1975-79; Prof 1979 -

(A) Head, Pathology

Adamson, James Douglas

  • Person
  • 29 Jan 1890 - 4 Sept 1964

Education: BA (Man)1910; MD (Man)1914; MRCP (Edin); FRCP(C)

Positions: Demonstrator, Lecturer, Asst Prof, Assoc, Prof then Professor of Medicine 1938- ; Asst Supt Ninette, San; Med Dir SBGH 1927- ; Prof Emeritus 1956

Adamson, John Douglas

  • Person
  • 1932-2000

Education: MD(Man)1956

Positions: Dept Psychiat UM promoted to full prof in 1986
Senior Scholar UM 1995

Adult Club

  • Corporate body

The Adult Club at Knox United Church - Shuniah Street was in existence before 1948. The meetings were held monthly and included often included talks and presentations. The group hosted activities such as broomball tournaments, Socials and parties and dramatic evenings. A different committee was appointed each month to plan the meeting's programme and entertainment. The group disbanded after the October 15, 1952 meeting, deciding instead to informally help plan social evenings when needed. They used the remainder of their funds to buy a fan for the church kitchen.

Adventure Crossroads

  • Corporate body

Adventure Crossroads Incorporated traces its beginning to 1969 when a group of Mennonite volunteers decided to become involved in the lives of Winnipeg's inner city people. They formed a group called the Inner City Community Ministry Project. One of their first projects was to coordinated a camp for disadvantaged families. In 1971, Inner City Community Ministry Project changed its name to Crossroads and on January 14, 1974 Crossroads incorporated to become Adventure Crossroads Inc.

Crossroads worked on the premise that many people who needed help were not taking advantage of resources available to them. In order to alleviate this problem, members of Crossroads tried to develop personal relationships with people in the inner city in order to foster a greater sense of community and promote greater involvement.

Crossroad attempted to develop these personal relationships through their programs such as creating a receiving home, a foster home, and a learning centre for children with behavioral problems called Alexander Place. One of their largest and longest lasting projects was a family centre. Run at first out of Maclean House and then later out of 211 Isabel Street, this family centre provided a place for residents of the area to gather and participate together in activities.

A few Mennonite churches provided most of the volunteers and financies. When Crossroads became Adventure Crossroads Incorporated, a board was created consisting of representatives from these churches. Although volunteers made up the majority of the staff, there were also various employees.

Adventure Crossroads official dissolved on November 30, 1995.

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