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Falk, Wilhelm, 1904-1969

  • Person
  • 1904-1969

Wilhelm Falk was born on April 30, 1904, in Steinfeld, Chortitza. In February of 1924, he married Helene Guenther and soon thereafter immigrated to Canada. Four children were born to this couple. In Manitoba, around 1927, he was encouraged to preach. Some time thereafter he attended the Winnipeg Bible Institute. He began his church work as a city missionary in Winnipeg under the Mennonite Brethren Church. In 1953, he was called to the North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren church in Winnipeg as pastor. In 1965, he began his work as pastor in the Morden Mennonite Brethren church. In the fall of 1967, he became ill with cancer and died on May 14, 1969.

Faith Mennonite Brethren Church

  • Corporate body

This group first met in the Pacific Grace Chinese MB Church. Later they began to rent a Lutheran church where as of 1988 they were still meeting. The core group has consisted mainly of Chinese college and career believers from the Pacific Grace congregation. These young people wished to worship in English and so they began meeting on their own. Since the initiation of the fellowship, people of other cultural backgrounds have begun to attend as well. The group received its charter on May 6, 1984.

Fairmont United Church

  • Corporate body

The Fairmont United Church existed in the Manitoba community of Fairmont, located northwest of Neepawa, from 1925 to 1961. The Fairmont United Church was preceeded by Fairmont Presbyterian Church, formally known as McTavish Presbyterian Church, built in 1897. In 1925, Fairmont was part of the Basswood Pastoral field along with Cadurcis. Rev. A.D. Watson presided. Fairmont United Church closed in 1961. The congregation joined Basswood United Church. In 1967 the church was torn down and the assets were sold, with proceeds going towards the purchase of a commemorative cairn.

Fairfax United Church

  • Corporate body

The Fairfax/Elgin United Church was formed in 1921, combining the Methodist (founded in 1889), and Presbyterian (founded in 1887) congregations in these communities. In 1968 the Elgin and Souris congregations joined and, in 1969, the original Elgin United Church was sold to the Fairfax Community Club.

Fairburn, Logan Miller, 1905-1972

  • Person
  • 8 February 1905 - 19 February 1972

Education: MD(Man)1927

Positions: Medicine and General Surgery at Estevan, SK

Fainman, Jack

  • Person
  • c1931-

Education: MD(Man)1954

Positions: Clin tutor, Obs/Gyn UM 1962

Fafard, Theogene, 1850-1890

  • Person
  • 1850 - 12 Dec 1890

Education: MD(Victoria Univ)

Positions: Founder; Professor, Botany; Physician to St Boniface Hospital

University of Manitoba. Faculty of Medicine

  • Corporate body
  • 1883-

The Manitoba Medical College was established in 1883. The Manitoba Medical College remained independent from the University of Manitoba until the two amalgamated in 1919 and became the Faculty of Medicine.

Faculty of Law

  • Corporate body
  • [ca.1860] - 2011

The University of Manitoba first became involved in legal education in 1885 when it established a three-year course of studies leading to the LL.B. degree. This course did not include instruction, it simply prescribed a reading program with three annual examinations, which articled law students couId follow concurrently with the course prescribed by the Law Society. In the years 1911-1912, the Law Society was prompted by the Law Students Association to provide a short series of lectures. In 1913, H.A. Robson, then Manitoba's Public Utilities Commissioner and a former judge of the Court of King's Bench, organized a considerably improved course of lectures and began to lay the plans for the establishment in the following year of a permanent law school modeled after the Osgoode Hall Law School of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The Manitoba Law School was jointly sponsored by The University of Manitoba and the Law Society of Manitoba. Both bodies took part in the planning from the beginning. In the summer of 1914, they entered into an agreement, subsequently endorsed by legislation, which provided for the creation of the School, offering a three-year course consisting of lectures and apprenticeship leading to both an LL.B. degree and a call to the Bar and admission to practice. Expenses of the School were shared equally by the two parent bodies, and its operations were supervised by a jointly appointed Board of Trustees. This arrangement between The University of Manitoba and the Law Society of Manitoba continued until 1966 when the Law School became the Faculty of Law of the University of Manitoba.

The Faculty of Law presently offers programs of study leading to two degrees, the LL.B. and the LL.M. The latter degree program was brought into existence in 1949 by the Manitoba Law School. It was substantially revamped by the Faculty of Law in 1968.

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